I Did THIS For 30 Days…Now I Can Dunk A Basketball At 5’10!

I Did THIS For 30 Days…Now I Can Dunk A Basketball At 5’10!


Gaming Channel: https://goo.gl/Se1qBH
2HYPE Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY4AlDv6wL2qhrX29iwdqAg

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47 Responses

  1. Chandler Lucas says:

    Cash dont even be jumping the right way, he can get crazy bounce if he get the right technique

  2. Cashes Walker says:

    Imagine how his girl was like when he kept yelling and walking towards her at 27:42

  3. Kent Clark says:

    Cash:Did this new work out
    Flight:Nothing special I did that “just didn’t have the cameras on”.
    Everyone:(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  4. III Shotz. says:

    Brawadis: gets a trainer

    Flight: gets a trainer

    Cash: I CAN DUNK NOW!

    Edit: cash if you heart this this will make my day

  5. ً says:

    we can barely see his lock screen but everyone knows the pic rip kobe 🖤 black mamba forever

  6. Trust James says:

    27:17 man this is crazy ima still this from cash no cap he is 3 inches taller then me bro and he is dunking on that type of court I’m most def 😂😂😂😂

  7. Kristopher Robinson says:

    Bru I ain’t know cash and ash were still together.. that’s dope man

  8. Khaled M. Pangcoga says:

    I got extremely confused when Cash said “today is April 7”.

  9. Ethan Do says:

    he should of shown us where he reached before day 1 on a basketball hoop

  10. Godpl4yer15 says:

    And just wait until he gets to an indoor court, that’s extra bounce

  11. Jgunz123 says:

    Cash is getting ready for a “Test Your Strength” matchup with LeBron Mortal Kombat style 😭.

  12. Tomas Thielen says:

    When cash is fast forwarding him jump roping he looks like a bird tryna fly

  13. Wawa says:

    The fact that I watched cash jump rope for 30 minutes shows how outta shape I am

  14. Branson Novsam says:

    I hear it already…”what’s good everybody we’re here with flight”

  15. Joshua Yonatan says:

    Did I just watch 25+mins of cash just skipping😂😂😂

  16. ZChalhoub says:

    If cash had a proper jump technique he would easily be windmilling

  17. Tyillest says:

    On “day 2” 25:53 of trying to dunk , did you leave the basketball package on the ground over night ?🤔

  18. FlowwG says:

    Flight gonna be mad at this vid

  19. Not A Russian says:

    People talking about flight in june cash is gonna be a whole different beast

  20. Just cuz says:

    *”Once u first dunk you never wanna take any other shot”* – Real Hooper Hooper

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