I Filmed My Dog Whenever He Cried Or Was Nasty For 24 Hours

I Filmed My Dog Whenever He Cried Or Was Nasty For 24 Hours

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39 Responses

  1. Ray Leann says:

    Kermit is if the kitchen rag that you procrastinate on washing for two months had crippling anxiety.
    I love him.

  2. Michelle B says:

    My dog was so concerned during this entire video listening to kermit cry

  3. Yunive Moreno says:

    I want a 24 hour filming Marbles being cute, greatful or doesn’t know where he is

  4. LPempty says:

    Can’t wait for JnJ memes to edit this

  5. Muffin XD says:

    Kirmet was on the verge of tears through the entire video

  6. emily harris Emily Harris says:

    My brother used to have a dog just like Kermit. They didnt look anything alike. My brothers dog was built like a mini reindeer. And he was so awkward, But adorable. And he cried all the time. Always hoping around. He misses him so much.

  7. Colin Shelton says:

    He is the misunderstood middle child, okay. All behavior is acceptable.

  8. Jose Cuerda says:

    3:32 foot fetish people have joined the chat

  9. Dylan Gering says:

    Make a compilation video of marble forgetting where he was and being a cute little old man

  10. Sammy P says:

    I love carpet. He’s the cutest little nasty boy

  11. Beep Beep says:

    Love that this is #2 on trending

  12. Joey Adventures says:

    cermet is just expressing what we all are thinking on a daily basis about life lol

  13. Monica Moon says:

    i know i asked for this but i feel like ive seen too much

  14. maevelynes says:

    Kermit: *breathes*
    Everyone: nasty

  15. Dandi Ré says:

    Marbles seems so much happier since having his teeth pulled!

  16. heize's kiss says:

    how is the video not at least 10 hours long

  17. A says:

    kermit is so dramatic he literally behaves like hes had some like deep seated trauma in his life HOW DID HE TURN OUT LIKE THIS

  18. Broducts says:

    are you sure he’s okay

  19. Noelle ? says:

    I need a marble being adorable for 24 hours

  20. Eika Pumpkin says:

    An Cermet is an Pervet.

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