I Got A New Puppy! + Dog Haul

I Got A New Puppy! + Dog Haul

What should we name her???
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I’m so happy that we have a new #Family member! What should we name our new #Dog #Puppy? She already has so much fun playing with our other French Bulldog Blueberry Muffin. She is so sweet and calm and I cant wait for you guys to get to know her!

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31 Responses

  1. Arianne Dimalanta says:

    I think Sugar is cute! And i think you can call her Sweetie for short i think… cause sugar is sweet.

  2. J. C says:

    Imma call it honey ok
    Honey is so cute when she was sleeping

  3. Audrina R says:

    • *CANNOLI!* 🐶💕
    • Cream Puff
    • Buttercream
    • Blondie Brownie
    • Biscotti
    • Moon Pie
    • Snickerdoodle
    • Pudding/Cake Pop (or Pudding/Cake Pup)
    • Mochi
    • Angel Cake

  4. Tyson Musser says:

    I love the name Vanilla Bean, When I looked at her I thougt it would be an amazing name even before you recomebed it.

  5. Mckynsie Phillips says:

    Your new puppy is amazing and I love her but I really miss cookie I cried when she left I loved her and I love her to this day god take good care of cookie

  6. maya smith says:

    i’m so glad she got a new pup! i’ve been waiting because she seems like a two pup person, also i think coconut is a GREAT name with the nickname coco. the prechosen names seem a lil much 🙂

  7. Nahoreen Vassoly says:

    Cream: for the memory of cookie like cookie and cream❤️

  8. Nishi Sheth says:

    Vanilla Bean is so adorable! That would be so cute!

  9. Sksksks And I oop says:

    In honour of cookie you could call her cream as in cookie and cream

    Or vanilla bean

  10. RjMaX RuBy says:

    I think the name cream would be better bcz ‘cookie’ and ‘cream’ with ‘blueberries’ … ❤️❤️

  11. Maddy Kawaii says:

    Food names ( aka Ro’s fav names): Mocha, Vanilla, Sugar, Nilla, Icy, Coconut, Popcorn, Custard, Marshmallow, Milky, Tofu, Cream Puff, Butter milk

    Other names: Ivy, Misty, Angel, Arctic, Bolt, Cloudy, Dazzle, Daisy, Kaya, Jasmine, Pearl, Puff, Winter, Luna, Diamond, Annie

    Like so she can see ❤️❤️

  12. Nick Apr says:

    Can you name her Honey? I feel like it is such cute name and it fits her because she is so sweet and precious.

  13. Amanda Marcelino says:

    I love Vanilla Bean then you can say “and this my little bean!” ❤️❤️

  14. Aya’s Amazing Life says:

    Cupcake 🧁
    Honey 🍯
    Vanilla/vanilla bean

    So cute btw and I’m so sorry cookie passed I love 💓 the new puppy 🐶

  15. neo sam says:

    N,e right honey and her nickname could be hunbun

  16. RJ Montgomery says:

    Nilla, or Nilla Wafer, that is my vote!
    Anyway, I also love Nature’s Miracle. One of my cats puked today (lovely) and it got the puke right out of the rug

  17. Aleesa Islam says:

    I think honey would be a nice name because she’s sweet like honey and easy to love ❤️🍯

  18. 24 shopit says:

    When she said I don’t have a name for her I literally thought the name cupcake and was about to write in comments 😂
    So I like the name cupcake 😉 but to be unique vanilla bean is a nice name tooo but every single name is awesome
    Love u ro ❤️

  19. Kittens Mittens says:

    Here are my dog names for you:
    Cream (like cookies and cream in honour of cookie)
    Vanilla bean
    Pip squeak

  20. SunDIY says:

    Please name her vanilla bean!!! That’s the cutest name ever for her! 😍

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