I Got A New Puppy

I Got A New Puppy

I Let My Dogs Walk Me For A Day! – https://youtu.be/etZeZ_f8juc

Husky Coat Blow Out! – https://youtu.be/b0NGZP9bDf0

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56 Responses

  1. CrazyRussianHacker says:

    BTW he is 15 weeks old. my mistake

  2. Arts and Crafts center says:

    names for the puppy

  3. Vignesh 47 says:

    Name him Lugo

  4. Baze Trix says:


  5. Anmol Sahota says:

    Name him – mre(meal ready to eat)

  6. Chupatwo Chupatwo says:

    alaskan malamute is a strong guard dog! thumbs up for me!

  7. Darkuss says:

    He will always be pastiet for me

  8. Matija Skuk says:

    What is his name again? Paštet?

  9. FeyDy says:


  10. Abubakr Shaheen says:

    He looks like small brother of yuga

  11. aditi KHADILKAR says:

    Name him safety as he will be your no 1 priority

  12. Ever wondered? says:

    *Name him PASCEATH BOOM* ?

  13. GRYZLER says:

    So we are going to ignore the fact that he just saw 2 snakes in his pool and he just left

  14. Badri narayan About science and other stuff! says:

    Name him ” Buster ” :PP

  15. Perali Srinivasu says:

    Name him *BOOM!* please

  16. Red-Haired Shanks says:

    Call him Anatoly

  17. Red-Haired Shanks says:

    Bestname would be *Yuri*

  18. Voffman says:

    Name him Drake because he is black and white.

  19. Abhisar Rawat says:

    Yayyyyy Luke,Duke and puke all together !!!!!

    A…….sorry for that

  20. LNxTCB says:

    10/10 good puppers.

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