I have a brain tumor.

I have a brain tumor.

Curve ball from life! Everything still feels pretty surreal, but I’m getting through it. Queue jokes about shitty brain surgery robots.

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37 Responses

  1. Daniel Tekmyster says:

    What is your patron?

  2. Kristen Snyder says:

    I’m having an MRI wednesday to try and rule out a brain tumor. I have a few symptoms, including hearing loss, and they’re trying to find out what’s causing it. I’m nervous.

  3. Bitter Blade Co. says:

    I’ll make sure to pray for you, hope you get well soon!

    • Skrattar Du!!! says:

      really sad, situation. May god take control and make her situation better.

    • Paranoid Android says:

      I hope that everything turns out OK for her and I really wish her the best but I really don’t get the “may god help her” calls. I mean, by that logic, he’s the one who gave her the brain tumor.

  4. Daphne Volante says:

    My husband and I have been following you since the days of the wake up machine that ate your hair, and we are sending you lots of good wishes from Canada. You have made us laugh so much and made us try electronics projects together which is such a fun thing, so thank you so much and we hope you recover soon.

  5. Rian says:

    Who disliked this and why Jesus Christ

    • Ava Matthews says:

      Yeah like Callum said it’s just that they don’t like the news so they dislike it

    • Jason Hendricks says:

      I don’t understand this either. I just hope she does not scroll down to some of the comments too.

    • Argam Hounanian says:

      Rian yea but these guys saying kinda truth but what if we like then… i never find out to like or dislike such videos and contents… gosh i feel so sad for her i hope she gets well soon

    • The Gaming Ground says:

      I have no idea…But it’s over 350 thumbs down at this time :S I just hope that Simone will become well as soon as possible.

    • joshua nowland says:

      Jesus christ didn’t dislike this

  6. Justin Y. says:

    The only video where I hoped this was clickbait

  7. sarah thedaisy says:

    We send you love, support, and shitty robot jokes. I hope you are healthy after everything and you continue to be so freaking amazing

  8. TheNamen says:

    We’re gonna help you through this hard time of your life! That’s what a community stands for

  9. Fulcanelli says:

    Never seen your channel before but wanted to remind you to think positive and picture yourself on the other side of this with no negatives. If you ever need a cad model I have a Solidworks license and would be happy to offer some pro bono work (with some limitations), don’t be afraid to ask. Wishing you well.

  10. Delirarose says:

    I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say: We all love you so much, you’re such an incredible human. Whilst this is a shitty situation, your attitude towards it and the perspective you have makes you even more of an amazing person <3 Hope everything goes ok and we'll see you when you're better. Love you Simone, get well soon 🙂 <3 x

  11. reliablebow says:

    Glad to meet you….keeping you in my prayers

  12. Frankie Dudie says:

    This is the first video I’ve ever see you in before but I can tell what a great, strong person you are. You have such an amazing attitude ! Be strong even if you’re scared. We will be thinking about you and praying

  13. EATSLEEPDRIVE2002 says:

    We love you Simone. You absolutely rock. Eagerly awaiting seeing your beautiful face and personality on YouTube again

  14. R.J. Dean says:

    Sending all the good vibes in the universe to you. You will be in our thoughts.

  15. BurninGems says:

    Well, if you loose your eye, you will probably want to explore cyborg life. I totally picture you rocking the Borg Locutus look!

    (Remember, glass half full!)

    I know you probably don’t want to heat it from a stranger, but i will pray for you to have a quick recovery and minimal side effects.

    I Look forward to seeing more of your videos when you’re completely recovered!

  16. Guðmundur Einarsson says:

    You are such a big inspiration. Thank you for sharing your dreams and inspirations. When you come back I want to see a tumor killing robot. #tumorhumor

  17. Austin says:

    “Whoa. Eye didn’t see that one coming.”
    “Dude. That’s not a brain tumor. That’s a humor tumor!”



    “Keep your eye on the prize, kid!”

    Ok that’s all the jokes for me. I wish and pray for your quick recovery, Simone! Hang in there…. God bless!

  18. Mwerpso Lot says:

    Just become a cyborg

  19. Rukia Kamishiro says:

    I don’t pray but I will pray for you every night …
    I hope you get better soon ;–; <3

  20. Mattley says:

    Be strong! Great hug from Italy!

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