I Let My Dog Walk Me For A Day

I Let My Dog Walk Me For A Day

“I’m just trying to trust in the shiba.”

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49 Responses

  1. BCPR says:

    “Sassy Tail Alert” 😂

    That _is_ a very sassy (and adorable) tail!

  2. Linnea200 says:

    I always let my dog walk ahead and choose where to go (I still make sure she doesn’t go into traffic and stuff, though), because I know she only has certain routes she prefers, and when I think it’s time to head home, I tell/show her and she listens.

  3. v says:

    I tried to do this with my dog, but he just walked into the neighbor’s front yard, peed, and went back inside lol

  4. Agnieszka Sokołowska says:

    I need to do this experiment with my doggo, he’s Shiba too

  5. Science with Katie says:

    My dog walks me all the time, she wears the pants in our relationship 🐶

    • AnataWaDareDesuKa says:

      Same here sort of! She can never go off lead here, so I let her decide where to walk. But she can’t cross roads unless I say so, and if she wants to go somewhere where I don’t want to go or if I really want to go somewhere I have the last word. Even though we don’t walk far, we live very rural, the sniffing everywhere makes her nice and tired 😃

      The dominance theory is outdated by the way. Dogs/wolfs have a family structure relationship, and the leader walks at the back of the pack to make sure everybody’s safe and nobody gets left behind 😉
      It a bit as with kids; you’re not equals, but you’re not their master and they’re not your slaves either. They have their characters, likes and dislikes. It’s give and take. I try to give her lots of freedom in some areas, but next to the buggy she has no say. She doesn’t even steal food from the kids.

      You don’t need ‘dominance’ to have a well behaved dog 🐾💕

    • waffel xD says:

      Science with Katie not good

    • Liradu2 says:


  6. HenryHusk_ Games says:

    1:40 i thought was a body, like a homeless man

  7. Niff says:


  8. 松田真帆 says:


  9. Herbert says:

    I let my pet couch walk me sometimes……

  10. Brittany and Michael says:

    That dog is so dang adorable ❤️

  11. ZEKE THE COOL says:

    I know I’m a crazy dog person BUT LOOK AT THIS FACE

  12. Text Story Maker says:

    Dog is owner now.

    Owner is dog.

    I go now.


    There is nothing else


    Can you go?

    I have nothing for you.

    If I give you cookie will you leave.

    Yes? Ok.

    Here you go
    ( • •)


  13. 加藤みずっち says:

    1 Doge = 1 Doge

  14. zoeytheawesome says:

    Aww this is so cute! I want to do this on my channel now with my dog! Only we’re going to put a time limit lolol

  15. iCandyBunnyMadness says:

    I let my parents dog walk me once, we both ended up in a river cuz she dived right in and took me with her and i didnt know how to swim lol but she did…ahh… fun times….

  16. My Husky Nala says:

    As a *Husky* , I approve this video!

  17. listen bro; my first love story says:

    _oh hi_ *d o g g i e*

  18. dontrestyourhead says:

    I haven’t watched the video yet. If it’s anything other than the dog holding the lead in it’s mouth while the other end is around the human’s neck, I’m going to PITCH. A. FIT.

  19. BlueNoodle79 says:

    Never seen a Shiba this colour before. So pretty :o)

  20. RaSHWaN فلسہٰطينہٰي وافہٰتخہٰر ❶ says:

    مين عربي هون ,؟ اثبت وجودك بأسم بلدك في تعليق ع منشوري ولايك

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