I Let My Dogs Walk Me For A Day

I Let My Dogs Walk Me For A Day

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46 Responses

  1. Alyse Andrews says:

    So many people are gonna have some weird shit on their home security cameras lol

  2. Theresa Pittman says:

    I think Marbles READ “Beware of Dog” and was following instructions. He was very aware of that dog!

  3. Sophia Bailey says:

    Marble is such a contradictory child

  4. Elisa Samonte says:

    Please make a “I cook my dogs favorite meal” video!!! While they wear their own leisure suit 🙏🏼😂

  5. florette says:

    “he is like the most sure and unsure animal i have ever seen” woah that’s me

  6. tessa reed says:

    10:50 *marble running up to a security guard*
    jenna: marble, marble no.
    marble: *bwourh*

  7. itsfitmadiwilson says:

    AHHH! Now I have to walk my dog and finish this video on a walk… too much of the W word… my doggie is TOO excited

  8. Wuris says:

    “我❤️香港” is “I ❤️ Hong Kong” no worries 😊

  9. valley180 says:

    I would love to see the shape of the route they took you on hahahahah. It’d be scribbles on a map 😂

  10. UltimateKyuubiFox says:

    The dogs don’t wanna go far away from the car because they know that’s how to get home.

    It’s kinda smart actually.

  11. Athena Butler says:

    “That’s the dumbest smartest thing he’s ever done” marbles is everything and it’s opposite at the same time

  12. Rachel Rolison says:

    Hahahahah this is me except my dogs walk me *everyday* 🙃

  13. Sadie Blackwell says:

    My dog Juliette would do the same thing – go in every house’s yard, smell everything, go in 50 different directions, tug on the leash so hard she’d choke herself… she was honestly kinda dumb when it came to walks lol

  14. Seauouaieaux says:

    Imagine seeing the same two people walking the same 3 dogs around your house and standing outside it like every 20 minutes

    • Jill Marie says:

      Seauouaieaux lol wearing all black in the scalding heat, holding a dog in a sling, and holding a huge camera ! Love it haha

  15. Flutterbutt225 says:

    Jenna: Marble. Marble. Marble.

    Marble: _BORF_

    Julien: I agree, Marble, you coulda taken him

  16. Royce says:

    In Soviet Russia…. uh…… the walks dog YOU.

  17. Top Fortnite says:

    I want my cat to walk me because i’m so lazy and it’s unfair because he just sleeps the whole day.

  18. Alain Bruno says:

    Dogs are the best pet

  19. Alejandra Bonilla says:


  20. fahrenheit sounds says:

    Jenna made me famous

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