i made the tiktok whipped coffee

i made the tiktok whipped coffee


here u go

coffee recipe: https://bit.ly/3aGQJWB
cashew milk recipe: https://bit.ly/3bPI1FI

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byte: @julen
my prints: https://bit.ly/2PDC1Fv

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44 Responses

  1. Stefany Knickelbein says:

    The world: Please wash your hands. Julien: *Scrubs hands in goop*

  2. Zoe Walker says:

    Julien making that chaotic mess and then taking a sip and saying “it’s good, babe.” Is literally a representation of me going through life.

  3. Karen says:

    *_when the B roll hits so hard its giving people motion sickness_*

  4. Urtė R says:

    Julien: is being extra Virgo, wipes everything as soon as it spills with a cloth, cleans the outside of the milk jug etc
    Jenna: enters
    Julien: wipes the spilt coffee with his hand and proceeds to rub it all over his hands


  5. Nadia Lukin says:

    Camera pans back and forth artisticly.

    Jenna: Sips Tik Tok coffee, complementing the chef.
    Chef Julen: Lathers his hands with spilled coffee as if its hand sanitizer.

    If he’s not the epitome of chaos, then I don’t know who is.

  6. kiara wentzloff says:

    julien: wipes coffee off counter with his bare hands
    me: JULIEN

  7. haley's comet says:

    i’m so sorry the moving camera is so cool but my eyes can’t handle it

  8. amber depew says:

    me: likes before seeing vid
    me actually watching the vid all the way through: can i double thumbs up?

  9. SaraRose says:

    Obviously Juliens cinematography is out of this world amazing, and nothing will ever stop me from enjoying his content. But there’s just something about the constant swaying of the camera that makes this really hard to watch. 😅

  10. Nightsgrow says:

    I’m only 3 minutes in but if he doesn’t say “I’m milking cashews” at some point during the video I’ll be very disappointed

  11. Denise F. says:

    Julen, an Aries: “It’s TikTok coffee!”
    Me, an intellectual: “TikToffee”

  12. meremaid says:

    this coffee actually started in South Korea bc people were bored in quarantine haha. the name Dalgona comes from a korean dessert that is similar in color to the whipped coffee.

  13. Meghan Behrens says:

    when julien started smearing the coffee on the counter i started yelling at him like Jenna would lmao

  14. Frances Zulueta says:

    Jenna: Is that good?
    Julien as peanut butter baby: AH

  15. BurnItUpp2009 says:

    Julien is so calm and zen on his channel and then on Jenna’s he is just a true aries 😂

  16. Andrea Ventura says:

    When they started bickering about the hand whisking and Jenna just wasn’t having it, that was such a prime Aries-Virgo interaction 😂

  17. Gabby R. says:


    *washes hands with expired instant coffee*

  18. Yael K says:

    Julien: “washes his hands” with the coffee then touches Jenna’s hand
    Me: Ahh yes, Aries season is in full swing 😌👌🏻

    • Luca Ortolani says:

      It’s nice to know you can always rely on the stars 🤗😌

    • Zenigundam says:

      Who is the beta male with the mustache and the glasses? This is hilarious. He’s such a stereotype of your typical Starbucks/coffee shop hipster who talks like a girl to get girls’ attention and call the cops as soon as a manly man, an alpha male like me, confronts him. Nah, even speed dials the cops over a manhole on the street that isn’t completely closed. 😸

  19. Deja Huntley says:

    When Julien used the whipped coffee like hand sanitizer, it hit different.

  20. Hayden Senior says:

    I’m seeing a couple comments saying they don’t like the swaying of the camera, but I gotta say, I don’t mind it. It was kinda relaxing 🤷🏼‍♀️

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