I painted on a 12 hour flight

I painted on a 12 hour flight

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Are the Twitter Stans gone? Yes? Ok good.

Hello my dudes. Here is a list of celebrities that look alike. It confuses the heck out of me every single time I see one or both of them.

– Matt Damon and Leonardo Dicaprio. Probably my biggest goof of all time. No one can convince me that they are not the same person. I still don’t know who plays Jason Bourne. Are they related? Do they have the same parents? I can’t tell and never have been able to tell.
– Actually, adding to the previous point, if you throw Mark Wahlburg into the mix, then it’s really over for me.
– Don’t even get me started on Liam and Chris Hemsworth ( I guess I have a pass though because they are siblings after all). Which one was married to Miley Cyrus? I still can’t tell. Also, the fact that they have the most generic white people names doesn’t help me.
– John Krasinski and Armie Hammer. Not much to say for this one except that Armie Hammer is REALLY hot.
– Bradley Cooper, Matthew Mcchonaughey and Andrew Lincoln could all be triplets from another dimension.
– Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman. How the heck did genetics make that?
– Jennifer Lawrence, Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid. They are all the same person and you cannot tell me otherwise.
– Ok, just stick with me on this one: Lily Collins and Timothy Chalamet could be siblings. I’m probably the only person who has ever thought of this atrocity but that is not to say it does not plague me. And yes, I thought that was Timothy Chalamet in the Priscilla Presley gown at the Met Gala 2019.
– U2 and INXS have been the same band for me since I can remember.

Ok that’s it! I hope you have a nice day and enjoy the sunflowers! Tootles!

P.S. I’m pretty sure that many of you know who Claire Wineland is. I came across her documentary earlier today and I wanted to recommend it to all of you. She is an incredibly inspirational figure and the video made me ugly cry for a good 10 minutes. Here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfqtOTwUcKE

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With love,

Jerry Ceinfeld

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44 Responses

  1. RANDOM HOLO says:

    Other YouTubers: *Staying 24 hours at a Walmart Challenge.*

    Joana: *I pAinTed oN a 12 HoUr fLigHt.* ?

  2. Matthew Thompson says:

    Am I the only who thinks that Joana obliterating her painting, added spice to the video

  3. Matthew Thompson says:

    Dude on the bike at 10:44 was in fact running away from the terror, that is Joana

  4. Hairball Essences says:

    Everyone: yay a Joana video of her painting

    Joana: endgame??Review??

  5. Grace T says:

    Joana: *leaves Brazil*

    Amazon: *fire stops*

    This is a joke but not the fire

  6. Jen Kim. says:

    Who else was crying when she destroyed her painting???

  7. Snazzycoyote says:

    Everyone on the plane are probably rlly annoyed with her using the light at 12:00 XD

  8. Spencer Lee says:

    her trying to repair her destroyed masterpiece with tape will forever be a mood.

  9. Ari Sakura says:

    joanna starts singing

    my wig: *the rafters*

  10. simply ximena says:

    tell mother goose that she’s special and that we will name her queen ?

  11. Jin Soul says:

    It broke my heart when you destroyed the painting

  12. tiny 08 says:

    Joanna : I suck at art
    Also Joana : paints a frickin MASTERPEICE

  13. a u d r i j a says:

    wait…did Joana just say that Arnie Hammer is really hOt?

    wow, Jerry Ceinfeld,wow.

  14. Ciara Morrissey says:

    I love her dad playing games on the flight Joana if u see this tell ur dad he is a great dad

  15. Isabel Gardiner says:

    on any other channel i would be cringing at the shutterstock watermark. on joana’s channel, it’s art.

  16. LINDA HO says:

    Captain of flight: (starts speaking)
    Joana: *eXcUsE yOu*

  17. _isn’t it lovely_ says:

    if someone has never watched Joanna and asks me to give them an idea of what she’s like…..7:01

  18. Madison Brooke says:

    Had on earphones and accident clicked to 7:14

    R.I.P ears.

  19. Erin Rogers says:

    Mother Goose whenever the camera is on her: ?????

    We all love you mother goose

  20. emmy chan says:

    no one:
    joana: shoves her reading light in her mouth at 12 am

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