The Day I Proposed To My Beautiful Girlfriend Julia 😊
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38 Responses

  1. Lance Stewart says:

    View All Of The NEW Proposal Pics On My Instagram Right Now! https://instagram.com/Lance210/

  2. Anshil Thakurdas says:

    I had tear in my eyes this is so cute 6:43

  3. Simple Cakes says:

    I was scared at first because I thought he was gonna say “for 24 hours” but he didn’t and I was like YAYYYYYYYY

  4. Kaylee Garrett says:

    I’m cryinggggg sm I’ve watched you for 6 years I can’t stopppp I love you and I’m so happy you have Julia

  5. TPPUBG YT says:

    6:41 he’s shaking so hard look at the ring box 😭🥺

  6. loyalarcher says:

    You can be in a relationship for 5 years and feel nothing, or you can be in a relationship for 5 months and feel everything.
    Love knows no time. If you both feel that you’re really meant for each other, why waste time?

  7. Joker Salad bar says:

    Remember when he was in a stall pouring water on people as “ pee” well this is him

  8. John Naupari says:

    I remember when I first started watching lance and watching him go through his life all the ups and downs and now your getting married congratulations

  9. Pat Bilodeau says:

    I’m saying this since the first video he put up with her, that women is definitely wife material. Keep her happy lance and keep loving her more everyday. Huge congrats 👏

  10. Adan Garza says:

    You know she’s a keeper when she went for a hug first before even touching the ring! Congratulations lance!!! 🔥

  11. Nathan Wescott says:

    When I see that Lance went on his knees and she started like kind of crying eyeshadow a little bit crying

  12. Lost Vayne21 says:

    When she hugged grandma I wanted to cry for some reason, cause grandma seemed so amazingly happy, and I can’t blame her!

  13. Jon6416 says:

    I’m not crying I’m just sweating from my eyes 😭😢🤣 btw congratulations 🥳

  14. Aya Alsliman says:

    I just realized in one of the Frames ur wearing the same shirt that ur wearing in this video 🥳🥰

  15. oliver miller says:

    Lance: holding the ring
    Lances hands *SHAKING INTENSIFIES*


  16. ᴅᴇᴇᴘ ɪɴ ꜰᴇᴇʟꜱ xᴏ says:

    I’ve been watching you for years now, and seeing how much Julia changed you just has me warmed up.
    I’m so happy for you both, and I can tell that whatever happens to you both in the future, I just wanna say say ‘good luck’ , ‘congratulations’ , and ‘you two are amazing!’

    Recently my pop passed away, and it just so happened to be on the 10th. But the fact that there is now something positive on that day, it just means alot.
    I love you two and crongrats again!

    Note: I was fricking crying when I saw the notification, and then I bursted into tears while watching this🤣

  17. P Stonombre says:

    2 months later: Julia is pregnant’ ❣️

  18. Hammad Nasser says:

    I cried watching it because i have been following you when you just started YouTube from your very first vlog.

  19. Jacob Collins says:

    My man has grown up he is a man now

  20. Jiggin Jack says:

    I remember so many years ago when lance was living in la fucking around with demons and shit and doing vines now he is getting married. Congrats lance

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