I Saved My Dog From Death

I Saved My Dog From Death



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This girl’s name is Emily, and she wants to tell you about how she saved a dog from dying.

One winter’s day, she was going home after meeting up with her friends. There was an abandoned building on her route home, and her parents had forbade her from going there or even going close to it, but you know, it was a faster way to get home…

She was passing it when suddenly she heard weird sounds, like someone weeping. She looked into the basement window of the house, and there was…a small puppy! She didn’t know how it had gotten there and why it was all alone, maybe someone cruel threw it down there…

She didn’t know what to do, but she couldn’t just leave it there, cold and hungry…

She immediately called her father and told him about the puppy and asked if she could take it home. Her dad said “no”.

She still couldn’t leave the puppy alone, so she went down to the basement. The puppy was so small and helpless, crying silently, but it was also scared of Emily and tried to get away, but she easily caught it and tucked it under her jacket. It was shivering from cold even inside the building.

Emily bought some food, water and milk from the store and hurried home. Only she now had to come up with some idea for hiding the puppy from her parents.

Luckily, they had a small shed near their house, so she hid the puppy in there, went home, waited until her parents went to sleep and snuck out of the house with some blankets to keep her warm and some bowls for water and milk.

She tried to feed the puppy but it was too scared to eat at first, so she left the food and went to sleep. Of course, she couldn’t fall asleep during the night because she was worrying about the puppy.

Emily checked on it in the morning when her parents went to work, and she was happy to see that it had eaten a bit and had a drink. She tried to pet it, and it made her so happy that the puppy already trusted her a bit more.

When she got a better look at it, she concluded that it was a German shepherd mixed with some other breed. By this time, she had already fallen in love with the little cute dog who looked at her with its big round eyes…

Over the next few days, the puppy got better and better. It wasn’t sick or anything when she found it, just cold and hungry. Now it was eating a lot, running clumsily around the shed and…barking. Now that was a problem, because her parents would find the puppy sooner or later, so she began to ask all her friends if they wanted a dog.

Everybody said yes, but at the same time nobody’s parents were willing to take it. She had to come up with something, or at least take it to a shelter…

But she loved it so much already. She even bought it a toy, a little squeaky frog. She couldn’t even comprehend giving her away…but she had no choice.

On the fourth day, when Emily was leaving the shed as usual, the puppy barked at her with its cute little voice. It hated it when she left; clearly, it was scary for it to sit all alone in the darkness. When she was away, the puppy kept on barking, and she just KNEW that soon her parents would discover it.

And well, they did. Her dad caught her, and he was a strict man, and he had this menacing look on his face.

“What’s going on, Emily, what are those sounds?”. She said, “I don’t know”, but of course her dad didn’t believe her. “Where have you been? Why are you sneaking out the house in the middle of the night?”

She was so scared of him at that moment, but she decided to tell the truth, that she had taken the dog in. “Are you crazy!?” her dad said. “what if it’s infected with something? And I told that you’re not allowed to take it in! Go and get rid of it RIGHT NOW!”

Emily just stood there, holding back her tears. “No,” she said to him defiantly, and he was FURIOUS. Then he said: “then I’ll do it myself!” and went outside to the shed, opened the door, and…

Saw this small little puppy looking at him with its big eyes and wiggling its tail. Her dad looked at it for 5 or 10 seconds, with a surprised look in his eyes, not knowing what to do. Emily thought that in that moment, he must have felt the same way she did when she first saw it…

He then picked the puppy up in his hands and took it home. He asked her, “is it a boy or a girl?” She said she didn’t know, and her dad said: “okay, I guess we can keep it for a little bit. Not forever, just until we find a good owner for it.”

Two years have passed since then, and their girl Scully (her dad loves X-files) is now big and strong, and her dad loves her more than Emily does. He plays with her for hours!

She still doesn’t know what went through her dad’s head at the time, but she’s so happy that things have turned out that way they did.

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  2. SomeRandomGuy says:

    I really wish I had a dog when I was a little kid, but my mum was afraid of dogs.

  3. lucy -chan says:

    This would be cool if this ” ACCTUALLY HAPPEN ” .-.

  4. Dance MACHINES says:

    I once had a cat that I loved so much but surprisingly the rest of my family members hated it so much😢, everyone could chase her away . In other words she only had peace around me. So as time moved on things got worse and they started beating the poor cat all the time 😢😢 and then she could ran away to look for me. They said that cats usually looses fur from their bodies and that when you sniff it you can get cancer.
    So one day I decided to get rid of the cat simply because I realized that I was the one making it go through hell by keeping it. And then I carried her and threw her away , like far away from my house but she came back . I kept on trying because at this point of time i was beginning to hate it too coz they ya’ll made me think it was really bad having it. Let me say that this cat realized that I was beginning to hate it too and then decided to go by itself, it disappeared like forever and yet on that very day I had also changed my mind on throwing it away. I wanted to fight for its rights against my family members and it was too late. Hopefully this cat will forgive me one day.😢😢

    “Loosing this cat made me hate having pets so I will never have any again .”

  5. Ouday Sbano SPRINT4B says:

    i ate an apple ACTUALLY HAPPENED

  6. C Cinnamon says:

    I have a little hamster, it’s a Winter White and I love him so muchhh! I want a dog, but it will probably attack my hamster.

    • Mike Elst says:

      I have 2 ginna pigs and a 2 cats and one time i left their cage open…

      When i came in my room i found my cat snuggling with m y ginna pigs. It was so cute

    • Holly Gould says:

      +Mike Elst lol I thought you were going to say the cat ate them

    • s u n f l o w e r says:

      I have 3 dogs, 4 cats, 30-40 rats, a bunny and a hamster. Yes, my bunny and my hamster have their own cages. But even though I would hold my hamster in my hands, my dogs wouldn’t attack it, because they’re well trained and they’re smart. They even get along with our cats (of course). Also, even though my bunny has a cage, it can freely run in the room without being bothered by the dogs or the cats.

    • Loreta Ka says:

      Bruh my friend has a hamster a dog and a cat and none of them fight

    • Blerina Ramadani says:

      i have a little cat his name it’s lexi

  7. Mazin Abdalla - Queen Street PS (1514) says:

    I have a pet turtle his name is Rocky

  8. Swords of Luck says:

    I saved *my* dog from death

    She became your dog after you saved her 😐

  9. The fox who stole your chicken djukic says:

    2 of my dogs Got Stolen


  10. rebecca styles says:

    I would like to have a dog and I really love dog but unfortunately my parents don’t let me to have any 😢😧😭😭

  11. I have no legs but I must dance Dance says:

    I shidded and farded


  12. RaidenMaharaj ツ says:

    Did you just assume the dogs gender? XD

  13. Sasha Deskoska says:

    I have a puppy boy it’s name is Coco he’s a Sharpei and he’s 3 months old

  14. iAlyssa HD says:

    i have a mixed breed (yorkshire + maltese = Morkie)

  15. if you sub to me you will get absoulutly nothing says:

    I saved myself by feeding myself

  16. Mariam Rose says:

    I have a Shi Tzu mixed with Maltese. My profile pic is my puppy which his name is Chewie known as Chewbacca.

  17. Hailey Gibbs says:

    1 like 1baby puppy

  18. 1,000 subscribers with no videos? says:

    If I feed my dog am I saving it from starving

  19. Antonio Paradizzo says:

    I own a puppy (Isabella), a old cat (Tony), and 3 annoying,loud birds. (One of them is Roi, and the other 2 are named white bird and blue bird…I AM VERY CREATIVE!)

  20. GODMODE x2 says:

    Just pretend I said something funny and like

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