I Saved My Gay Friend With A Kiss

I Saved My Gay Friend With A Kiss

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68 Responses

  1. Hodon Yassin says:

    You’re a amazing friend, Alice. Supporting Tyler in his darkest moment.

  2. fnafbonnie21 0 says:

    *holds up queen poster* NO GAYS ALOUD! Me: *throws tablet out window*

  3. Orsaliceʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    I feel so sorry for him. I wish his parents would accept him the way he is.

  4. Madelen Svehaugen-Sandøy says:

    No one is gonna talk about that his father had a belt in HIS hands and was probely gonna….

  5. Elly Bloom says:

    I thought the parents found gay porn on the laptop

  6. Believe in Yourself no matter what says:

    People,especially parents should accept other(their kids)for who they are

  7. Queen Lover 2008 says:

    When his dad held that Freddie Mercury picture I was *S H O O K E T H*

  8. Panda Bear Productions says:

    I saved myself by eating potato chips when I found out I am the only single person in my BFF grp

    #relatable TwT

  9. Fahad the Random Guy says:

    My parent would still beat me even if I had the boyfriend or girlfriend?

  10. ZayZay Toons says:

    Was kinda expecting idubbbz to jump out in the middle of the video and say
    *IM GAY*

    only one can dream…

  11. BeckyPlays says:

    What kind of parent asks their child to prove that they are dating by making them kiss ?

  12. Sympathy 543 says:

    I thought the title meant ” I saved my best friend from being gay” ???

  13. Leah ASMR says:

    Okay,is it weird i have a gay cousin named Tyler???


    I think not.

  14. im ghoul says:

    “Hey can u save me too like this ”

    Btw im not gay lol.???

  15. pAsta mAnia. says:

    my parents will grab belt
    if somebody kissed me in front of my parent

  16. CavCave says:

    Alice: He isn’t gay!
    Parent: Prove it.
    Alice: *kisses*
    Parent: *surprised Pikachu*

  17. Shwag ! says:

    Tyler’s dad: goes to Church is religious and believes in god
    *5 min Later*
    *Burst into Son’s room to beat him up cuz he gay*

    • connie wang says:

      +Sandra Griffiths yeah but like i dont think God would like it if his parents beat him up…

    • connie wang says:

      +Soaring Lukasiak oof

    • Soaring Lukasiak says:

      Sandra Griffiths The father literally barged in with a belt in hand, what did you expect him to do? Teach his son how to tighten a belt?

    • Katherine Voegtlin says:

      Sandra Griffiths so you’re saying the correct way to try and change someone’s opinion is beat them? i guess that shows what kind of person you are…

      if you think all love is about is having kids then your love life must suck… just being honest. and if you think people deserve eternal torture for loving someone then you’re out of your mind.

    • Katherine Voegtlin says:

      Soaring Lukasiak lmao you’re so right i literally don’t understand people

  18. HJEAZY says:

    Who else thought the computer had gay porn on it

  19. Crossed says:

    I saved my gay friend by showing him gay porn.

  20. BakaStryx says:

    disowning your kid for being gay?

    *_thats just not right_*

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