I Sent Preston Back to First Grade

I Sent Preston Back to First Grade

I Sent Preston Back to First Grade with Brianna 👊

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31 Responses

  1. Brianna says:

    SUBSCRIBE or you’ll get an F! 🏫

  2. Carl_ Playz says:

    Barney was looking at Preston at reading subject p.s most of the words I don’t know


    I’ve never seen John for so long,if thats how u even spell his name?😅😅

  4. Trinity Luce says:


  5. sn_ Max says:

    I had a spelling test and my whole class didn’t know the word not even my teacher and she had to go on google just for a sentence of the world that didn’t make sense
    1 like 1 retake PLs

  6. XxPrince DrawingsxX says:

    You accidentally said keeping watching to see who wins!

  7. jr paul says:

    This is not 1 grade in my school it is different

  8. The Inventing Gamer says:

    You and Preston should make a hoodie that has royaly B and fire combined. It would be really cool! I think a lot of people would buy it too! I would buy it! Like if you agree.

  9. Claireplays ROBLOX2020 says:

    In geography nick touch exactly in Minnesota where I live 😂

  10. Holly Friesz says:

    Preston can you rewatch “you will die laughing I promise” from 3 years ago and listen 7:48

  11. Helena Pinto says:

    My school shut down because the CORONA VIRUS so im home school😢😢😢

  12. Terry Harris says:

    I duetted ur funny video on tik tok.

    Brianna: Lets start the day with class roll..
    Do we have.. JOHON??

    John: U MEAN JOHN?? 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Itz Łexi says:

    I seriously can’t wait to see their baby 👶🏻 🍼

  14. Daniella Aiomi Valenciado says:

    Is it possible to have a ten kids me and my siblings are already 8 even my mother couldn’t handle us we are like the loud house nice one Preston

  15. Jes King says:

    When preston had fb I wanted him to get an i

  16. Consumer Debt Legal Services says:

    Nick for his dream of being a carrot gets an A+

  17. Mica Barrington says:

    I thought this was first grade.

  18. Scarlett Burchell says:

    Ohh preston called his teacher dumb

  19. [Allen Skyz] says:

    ME:Did u mean “Subcribe button”?
    (Sorry im wierd)

  20. Erica Alvarez says:

    I cant wait to see preston and bri’s children

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