I Showed Up at YouTubers Houses, And Asked for THIS

I Showed Up at YouTubers Houses, And Asked for THIS

I Showed Up at YouTubers Houses, And Asked for THIS
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If I Hit 10 Million Subscribers by the end of the month, Each youtube as to do this… but if I don’t, I do what ever they say

Subscribe if you have not already we got a ton of good stuff to giveaway from Logan Paul, Jake Paul, James Charles, Faze Rug, Brawadis, Stradman, Marko, Funk bros, Bradley Martyn, Nelk…. +???

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32 Responses

  1. X_Ghost_Shadow_ says:

    If you hit 10 mil you have to do all the dares the youtubers told you to do

  2. Anthony Woodard says:

    “Done” I’d like the chance to earn the Nelk drop for june.

  3. Emily Van says:

    “Done” Jake’s guitar or James Charles Pallet

  4. Joshua Phillips says:

    “DONE” James Charles pallet or hoodie

    • Joshua Phillips says:

      Listen not sealing sympathy but my gf has wanted something from James Charles forever and me and my brother use to watch you all the time I still watch you but he is now diseased and it would be crazy if instead of any of the other you tubers stuff I could get something from you signed to put in a safe place at his grave. His name is Preston Phillips also known as P-dog you can even google his story

  5. Justin Maggerise says:

    “Done” Logan’s Gloves would seriously make my year. I can’t even imagine getting those.

  6. Vane's Videos says:

    “Done” I would want the Faze Rug autographed yeezys, the custom shoes by Marko, or the signed basketball by Brawadis!

  7. Mia Almonte says:

    “Done” Logan Paul’s boxing gloves or James Charles palette and hoodie

  8. Landon Wilkinson says:

    James- “I’m a woman”. Tanner- “James himself”

  9. MLG Myworld says:


  10. Jonah O'Neil says:

    “Done” I would like the Brad Martin shoes plz #freenelk

  11. tom hallett says:

    “Done” Markos custom shoes or Rug’s yeezeys thx so much

  12. HYPE OUT says:

    “Done” Faze Rugs Yeezy‘s or Marcos customize shoes

  13. Josh Campbell says:

    “Done” Faze Rug Yeezy’s or James Charles Hoodie

  14. Albrecht Pineda says:

    “Done” Logan Paul’s boxing gloves because im a legit boxer thats all

  15. Kyle Wilson says:

    Tanner: “If I hit 10m by the end of the mon….. **hits it a day later**

  16. Bros Static says:

    “Done” Markos custom shoes, Nelk Merch, James Charles hoodie

  17. Eddie Enright says:

    “Done”- Nelk merch and Marko’s custom shoes.

  18. Amanda Assogbavi says:

    “Done” Logan Paul’s boxing gloves or Jake Paul’s guitar

  19. yuliana luna says:

    “Done” Can i please get the James charles things please i really would like that for my 14 birthday MAY 18🥺?Congrats on 10 million🎉🎊🍾

  20. Joseph Allen says:

    “Done” logan paul’s boxing gloves, faze rug yeezys, markos custom shoes

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