I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement

I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement

i borderline went crazy about 30 hours in…
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53 Responses

  1. MrBeast says:

    Subscribe for a free Lamborghini
    If you’re here from trending subscribe for 2 lambos

  2. The Mad Hatter says:

    The dude who gave him a ladder doesn’t deserve to get slimed

  3. progamingguide says:

    Put everybody in a different room and last to leave the room wins. That way they won’t know when others have left and how long they need to stay,

  4. Vinay Raghu says:

    Chandler slips and falls then Chris goes to hug Tyler “HUGGIES HUGGIES” Tyler: NO CHRIS NO

  5. Lila Stockwell says:

    It litterally kills me to see how unorganised they make their area during the challenges love ur vid mr.beast keep doing it

  6. Kay 8 says:

    When Chandler falls it was the funniest thing for some reason

  7. jack guy says:

    he is going back to his roots

  8. Challenge to get 1200 subs with no vids says:

    The dude who gave him a ladder doesn’t deserve to get slimed

  9. 1M Subscribers Without Videos Challenge says:

    Other Girlfriend: “He didn’t come home for 50 hours, he’s cheating on me!”

    Maddy: “He’s probably in solitary confinement.*

  10. Akira Mo says:

    “”””””””solitary confinement””””””””

  11. Saunok says:

    Friend: Truth or Dare??

    Me: Dare

    The Dare:

    • Shrimpy Dimpy says:

      Saunok same tho. Once me and my friends were playing truth or dare and my dare to them was stand at the front of the cafeteria and say hi. My dare from them was to kiss the wall of the cafeteria 😑😑😑😑😑(btw I didn’t lol)

    • thenexclan says:

      Shrimpy Dimpy I would’ve did it 😭I’m a daredevil, I wouldn’t care what people think.

    • RSJ Squad Zone says:

      The dare is Show less apparently

  12. 25K Subscribers With No Videos Challenge says:

    *This is the most “Social Solitary Confinement” we’ve ever seen*

  13. Silvamoon 3000 says:

    “Chris could be licking this mirror and I can’t tell”
    Chris is mooning him
    😂Chris deserves whatever he’s paid for this vid

  14. EllipticSpy266 says:

    They should have left him in silence with no bed or tv and he would have left early

  15. B. O. says:

    Thing is, what drives you crazy in solitary confinement is the lack of any human interaction, and any kind of interaction with anything new. Smaller room and no interaction at all would make this much more difficult. Look up Vsauce solitary confinement.

    • BenDesch says:

      was thinking of this too, they gave him way too much stimulation
      but then again, 50 hours all alone can damage you mentally

    • Anya Shah says:

      BenDesch yeah- being in captivity/solitary damages your brain and makes you go insane. And this was suppose to be entertaining and it was so….

    • Sammy Ward says:

      Yep agreed.. could you really do that with out any noise . No one talking to you no nothing .for 3days 2 nights

  16. Nathan Bondi says:

    Chris: don’t you just wanna go home with your girlfriend?

    Jimmy: no I’m fine
    *sad girlfriend noises*

  17. Lemon Grass says:

    Everyone: Quarantine
    Mrbeast: sOlItArY cOnFiNeMeNt

  18. Greg Thompson says:

    Everyone else cars are so expensive u can’t just go getting some
    Mr beast : u want a free lambo

  19. Brandon Heng says:

    We taking quarantine at home.

    Mrbeast : imma bring it to the next level.

  20. Custom Coin Rings USA says:

    Most people: “Oh my god, 50 hours alone is terrible!”
    Streamers and gamers: “50 hours alone without anyone to disturb me is my dream!”

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