Fate’s been knocking on my door and I finally answered. I not only met my soul-mate, but we took a test to see if we were compatible… and so did his girlfriend.

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Matt’s IG:

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86 Responses

  1. Gabbie Hanna says:

    Oh make sure to go follow me on IG and twitter <3 @thegabbieshow

    • poonam Sharma says:

      Gabbie Hanna ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

    • Raiyenn says:

      Gabbie Hanna Michelle might have had he idea but she looks really upset at some points. You said you can admit when you’re wrong, and I’d generally agree with that. It’s something I admire about you. Truth be told.. I think this may be one of those times

    • Super Girl says:

      Gabbie Hanna wtf

    • Liz Eff says:

      Gabbie Hanna when you say it was “her idea” do you mean she jokingly said something about it and you sunk your claws in and insisted on actually making it a video because, like you said “content over everything” including your friendships. Cuz that’s kinda how it comes off.

    • Daniel Tenorio says:

      Gabbie Hanna Yup join Bible Flock Box in youtube if u can…Its super COOL !?!?!?!$ B)B):D

  2. Jiminy Pa bo says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is fucked up? Idc If it was Michelle’s idea. It’s still fucked up… :/

  3. Zainsbury S says:

    That guys got such a big ego but he’s not hot lol

  4. Sarah Tarquin says:

    you can just tell Michelle is NOT having it 😂

    • Mindy Project says:

      THIS WAS MICHELLE’S IDEA. Michelle’s. Idea. Michelle. Michelle wanted to do it. And Gabbie was her natural, engaging, on-camera self. The whole thing, start to finish, was respectful, consensual, playful and all in good fun. No harm, no foul.

      PS Gabbie has nearly 10 times the subscribers as Michelle (7.92x, to be exact) and only 1/30th of the views (3-4%). Michelle getting to be on a high profile channel is great for her career. This was a highly entertaining video and honestly, Michelle and Matt both have a great new option. Gabbie was flirting with Michelle just as much, and getting to be with Gabbie is 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  5. Archey no2 says:

    Gabby…. The homewrecker….. (storytime) 😂😂😂

  6. Draw 4LIFE says:

    Sorry to say… but that’s just messed up!

  7. Nina Rici says:

    Why is he on bumble if they have been dating for almost three years…Am i the only one who thinks that’s strange ?😅😶

  8. Lacey Grey says:

    I feel like Gabbie no matter what she says is only doing this video as an excuse

    • Lacey Grey says:

      Haylee Bennetts why are you putting words into my mouth. Wow. Some people are crazy enough to start an argument over someone’s opinion. Leave me alone if your gonna do that stupid 😑 face and try to put words into my mouth. Bye! 😂😂😂

    • BananaCupcakes says:

      Lacey Grey

      An excuse for what?

    • Lacey Grey says:

      BananaCupcakes to go on a date with Matt

    • Haylee Bennetts says:

      Lacey Grey wow you’re a whole new level of stupid, don’t worry darling I’m done with you if you for one, think that’s starting an argument 😂 and two getting triggered so easily 😂

    • Diana_ 112602 says:

      Lacey Grey she just wants to get with him 🙄

  9. Mackenzie Holmes says:

    I’d be more comfortable if it was Gabbie ‘flirting’ with Michelle for some reason 😂
    I really hope this hasn’t ruined anyone’s relationship with each other.

  10. Coco Pop says:

    📸📸 love you Gabbi

  11. Katie says:

    Michelle lowkey looks annoyed

  12. Saya N says:

    this isn’t right

  13. simplebeautyxx says:

    Poor Michelle lol

  14. hope says:

    matt was prob hoping for a threesome lmao

  15. Shaima B. says:

    WTH I hated this so much! Even if it was Michelle’s idea, Gabbie shouldn’t have pushed limits and acted very inappropriately..

    • Shaima B. says:

      dude it was weird and uncomfortable to watch idk what you’re watching lol

    • Haylee Bennetts says:

      Shaima B. Well if you actually had a brain you would realise that because this whole thing is Michelle’s idea that it’s obviously not serious but sorry didn’t realise I was dealing with a judgemental imebicle 😑

    • Shaima B. says:

      oh Its ok to emphasis on the word soulmate over and over “jokingly” and to ask Matt if she’s attractive or not even tho the question didn’t require his opinion! WHAT PART OF THAT WAS FUNNYYY! she was very flirty!

    • Trashbag Motel says:

      Shaima been cheated on and not gotten over it clearly. It’s a joke sis.

    • Diana_ 112602 says:

      Shaima B. Ik, this is a horrible idea

  16. autumn SUP says:

    So they have been dating for 2 years and he’s ganna use dating apps… Is everyone OK with this?

  17. Chloe Gyles says:

    Ok gabbie you have gone a little crazy. We get it, your lonely, but you came off desperate for her boyfriend. I was cringing more in this video than a Jacob statorious musically compilation. Chill, he’s taken.

  18. Kat North xx says:

    I feel so bad for Michelle… this is so sad 😂

  19. laila1989ism says:

    ”I have so many personalities, that’s making this really hard to answer” Girl, meeee

  20. Lexy Luna says:

    My cheated on heart has been triggered by this video!

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