I Tried Period Yoga Pants

I Tried Period Yoga Pants

I found another strange period product and had to try it out! These are period yoga pants or period workout pants from a company called “Dear Kate”… After my disappointment with the period leggings, I was excited to try another period pant, and these had their ups and downs! Would you try these on your period?

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I found my leggings here: https://www.dearkates.com/collections/activewear/

Assistant Editors: Emily Linden & Claire Wiley

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62 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!! welcome back to another period video!! who missed these, lol? any other weird period products i should review?? xox, saf

  2. Hyacinth says:

    When your period is three days late and you worry even tho the worst you’ve done is hold hands

  3. Max says:

    respect to saf for taking all those risks when she is one her period, like they aren’t too bad on their own.. the things safiya does for us lmao

  4. Mal Pal says:

    IDEA: Wear a different vintage period product everyday by decade! Like day 1 the 30’s, day 2 40’s, day 3 50’s, and so on. I thought it would be cool because you have the “I dressed like it was 19_7” series so it could kinda relate to your period product series? Like if you think Saf should try it!!

  5. elliewellie says:

    $200 for leggings no thanks

  6. Corinne Pelzer says:

    I love how Tyler films this voluntarily. Props to him.

  7. Coralie Anne says:

    I never thought I’d see the day I was excited to watch a video about period yoga pants, but here we are!

  8. Angelina Jolson says:

    imagine walking into a gym and spotting a guy focusing his camera around his girlfriends crotch and butt. XD tyler the dedicated cameraman 🙂
    you guys are awesome 🙂

  9. Julia C. says:

    This may be weird, but I think it would be great to have a video of the history of what women did for their periods. Kinda like what you did for the makeup history video you did, a while ago! It would be so interesting and I love watching history videos from you!

  10. Chim Shim says:

    Who’s on their period??!! Cuz I am#

  11. Amanda Michelsen says:

    Dat holo shirt doe

  12. Lx zzyyy says:

    Me: “It’s That Time Of The Month Again! ”
    Friend: “Why are you excited?”
    Me: ” Not mine, Safiyas.”
    Friend: “…”

  13. Kimmy says:

    Omg speaking of periods today I had a big ass stain in the middle of my ass and no one told me 😭😭😭fml it was so embarrassing

  14. Lil_ Spritez_ says:

    I love how Tyler’s just cool with Saf’s period things

  15. Kris Pennington says:

    I go to the University of Alabama and when I heard 1:36 I got giddy inside even though you’re talking about a period hahaha

  16. jungkook is whipped says:


  17. Fawn Whisperer says:

    Why anyone would go hiking in large land-predator territory is well beyond me >_< people say we've got bad wildlife here in Australia... let me tell you - I'd rather get bitten by a snake or spider than a bear, thanks.

    • Hermione Ganja says:

      Fawn Whisperer it’s not that bad it’s LA. Anyway the worst thing to happen in Griffith Park is homeless people and murders and rapes so.. maybe safiya should go somewhere else or just never go not without tyler

    • earth star says:

      Hermione Ganja im so sorry, but i read that as if we were still discussing bears and now i just see really bad apple bears who are homeless murdery rapists.

      They are wearing a leather vest, eye patch and skull bandanas in my mind. They are the worst bears of all.

    • Shinx002 says:

      A snake’s venom could kill you in 5 minutes. A bear bite isn’t necessarily an instant death cause. If you’re lucky enough that it bites you in your arm or leg, you could always amputate it.

  18. Hazelbeth says:

    I got so many chills when I got the notification for this video because I am on my period and I was like “Oh my god Youtube has figured out my cycle”

  19. Rasmidha S says:

    Safiya’s period is very lucky to try on new products everytime it comes..😂😂😂

  20. Tanya&Ivy Playz says:

    4:34 actual couple goals 😂

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