I Try DOODLE ART! – Is Doodling Dumb, or Delightful?

I Try DOODLE ART! – Is Doodling Dumb, or Delightful?

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80 Responses

  1. banana cheese says:

    For a video you could re-paint toys and shoes like if you think this would be cool

  2. • Zabracs • says:

    I love to Play whit my friends Doodles

    How Dirty minded Are you?

  3. ZaLynnC says:

    I recommend looking at Peter Draws twitch/YouTube channel. He can make theses strange, alien structures and creatures by essentially using intense doodles.

    Also, idk if it’s a cultural thing but I genuinely have no idea what’s so immature about the word doodle 😂

  4. Cosmo the Cactus says:

    What am I missing here?? What is doodle?? You strange Australians

  5. Pravin Kaushik says:

    Hey jazza, I will love if you try some indian art forms like madhubani, gond art, mehandi etc. You will love them too

  6. Jacob Ferguson says:

    Peterdraws on YouTube is great at this kind of art. You should check him out!

  7. IPandaZ says:

    I hate those people who says like if you agree

    Like if you agree

  8. 3vepsas says:

    You should make a gingerbread house

  9. Brownie wolf says:

    I’m amazing at doodling

    a stickman

  10. A Common Bagel says:

    Jazza is an entire, complete adult. 100% adult. 10/10 very adult.

  11. aka Constantine says:

    Anyone else see a city skyline in his finished doodle? Dripping paint=buildings, pencil line=road to the city, other curved lines=rolling hills. A path to doodle city 😂 ….im an adult 😏

  12. SugaKookie Xox says:

    Okay does doodle have another meaning or something? Cause I’m confused af😂😂

  13. appmicro says:

    Peter draws is the God of doodling, go check him out on YouTube.

  14. DIAMOND Vanika says:

    “I don’t know how to doodle,”
    -Jazza 2018

  15. Krystal Cheung says:

    Do a doll repaint into jazza or any character as long as it’s ‘grown up’.

  16. Colleen says:

    Raise your hand if you’re not from Australia and don’t know why he finds “Doodle” so amusing

    • Pixel Biscuit says:

      Im Australian and I did not know what ‘doodle’ meant. Until Jxred Ig came along…

    • Jroodle says:

      I typed it into urban dictionary. I got some interesting results.

    • Tina Crisanti says:


    • redbear108 says:

      I’m Australian and still remember my first day of sex Ed in 3rd grade (we were learning human anatomy) and my teacher pointed to the penis and asked what it was in return one child responded trying to hide his giggles “the doodle” and the whole class lost their shit

    • Sammy Jones says:

      I’m from Australia and I still remember when boys in my grade 1-6 classes mentioned “doodle” they would all crack up laughing… Immature boys 😂😂

  17. Mx.Oktopus says:

    To all people who don’t get why he is laughing so much: Doodle is another word for penis in australia.

  18. Jacob 123 says:

    As a 16 year old, my mental age seems to decrease after watching you Jazza and I’m grateful for it

  19. Rose Juliette says:

    I know these skillshare videos are essentially advertising for 10mins but I actually love seeing Jazza learn things. I used to watch compilation videos of people learning instruments from day 1 until they can do something skillful. Oddly satisfying. I particularly liked when they would play the same piece of music throughout the stages of learning.

  20. ThatLucky Bread says:

    My doodles get really hard sometimes 😏

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