i turned my kitchen into a fast food restaurant

i turned my kitchen into a fast food restaurant


thanks for coming to my drive-in restaurant..i’ll bill you

shouts out to my best friend will for the awesome idea, he streams and is super chill
will’s twitch: https://bit.ly/2TCl8Pw

also i realize many people have done this before (especially in recent times), so i wanted to link one of my favorites

andrew applepie – ‘all about money’, ‘losing’, ‘dull knife’, ‘peripheral vision’

watsky – ‘mean ass drunk’

chillhop music:


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33 Responses

  1. Zoe Aiello says:

    Julien: my manager says you guys gotta leave
    Marbles: 👁👅👁

  2. Listen here Sweaty🌺🌺 says:

    “I let the paint guide me in the most unorganized way” You’re doing an arise drive thru, is there any other way to do it?

  3. Aubrielle Arroyo says:

    Also what a cute little dude Will is that shot of him waving when Julien introduced him was just great quality content 10/10 made my day ☺️☺️☺️

  4. KaylaChan90 says:

    When this virus stuff is over, he should totally rent a food truck for a day.

  5. KiKi says:

    I love this so much. It’s like the ultimate be a kid again. I loved this stuff as a kid. Thanks for reminding me that i still love this stuff. I think im gonna build a grown up Lemonade stand for my friends but serve Tropical Rum punch and my sign will say Have You Been Punched Today . 😁🍹

  6. Krystal Pierce says:

    I always enjoy seeing Julien mess around with his filming and editing style, but this one is one of my favorites. I was vibin

  7. Carson Paws says:

    No one:

    Not a single human being:

    Julien: I’m turning my kitchen window into a fast food restaurant!

  8. Lauren Turnage says:

    i think this is my favorite of juliens’ because it has a lot of personality and humor but at the same time it’s aesthetically pleasing with the montages, i really love the aesthetic of this video.

  9. Olivia May says:

    Anyone else turn up their volume at the start lol

  10. FruitsAndVeggies says:

    This is like when you’re at the playground and you “sell” rocks n stuff to other kids!!

  11. Rad Gamer Rach says:

    First there was Aries Kitchen, now there’s Aries drive in
    Perhaps Aries restaurant will be next ♈️

  12. Crimoneli says:

    me on bumble rn: struggling to make a connection with literally anyone
    jenna: has a boyfriend who creates a restaurant in their kitchen, cooks her bomb food, and calls her cute every 5 seconds

  13. Karen says:

    Imagine THE Jenna marbles being your first customer😱😭

  14. Tazlina Rhetoric says:

    God, Julien is so unbelievably talented. I’ve missed the way he focuses the camera on seemingly innocuous pieces of nature (like water on a porch, a tree trunk, a cloud…) to create these beautiful transition shots

    • hjönk hjönk am goose says:

      his videos have such 15/10 vibes and I am in love. Camera work, visuals, music, content, quality, etc. is all top notch

  15. Morgan Claiborne says:

    Menu: Burgers, Fries, Drink
    Me: so basically In-N-Out

    (Said out of love bc I’m a Californian and loyal In-N-Out fan)

  16. rebecca bunch says:

    When everything opens up again, Julien needs a pop-up food truck. Or at least he can find an existing food truck and Aries Kitchen it up.

  17. Vicky Le says:

    Imagine if down the line, Julien actually had a restaurant. I’m sure everyone would love it

  18. Atxjazz says:

    10:42 Omg Jenna looks so friggin’ adorable!! She looks like an excited 4 year old about to order from an ice cream truck.

  19. Cattie Sheard says:

    This is the cutest thing yet. The fact that jenna and julien are basically playing restaurant as grown adults in their own home makes me so happy and want to do the same with my man! Hahahah I love you guys

  20. ChickaBump says:

    Between the music, editing, camera angles and personality, Julien makes some of the best vlogs imo. He’s so damn creative. Much like Jenna’ s videos, I will drop whatever I’m doing to watch their videos the moment I get the notifications.

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