thank you louis vuitton and youtube for sending me, it was AMAZING!!!!


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-emma chamberlain

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57 Responses

  1. GUNTAS says:

    You looked so good in your snapchat story, girl you looked gorgeous in that *egg hour* pose.

  2. not talking Angela says:

    Americans: traveling 11 hours by plane to visit Paris
    Me: living 4 hours away from Paris but too lazy to visit

  3. Leyu Schrijver says:

    It’s only 2 years ago and you are invited for LV fashion week… wow

  4. Serenity/Caroline The Weirdo says:

    Her parents must be so proud, I know I would be if she was my beautiful daughter ?

  5. Ophélia Perrin says:

    I’m from Paris but I was on vacation, so sad I was not at home!! But I’m so proud you were in my city, love you girl !!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Hey 123 says:

    Emma literally got all of this just by filming herself ranting and drinking coffee.. love that for her ?? and she still seems so humble and doesn’t brag about meeting Bella Hadid or Hailey Bieber, she doesn’t deserve the hate

    • Justin White says:

      Hey 123 girl what hate?

    • kiipiou says:

      +Justin White from her scandals

    • TardisInTheSkye says:

      +Justin White I think it comes from the way she nonchalantly accepted her award and the whole not bathing thing and not addressing mental health. Other than that I always just assumed the people who had an issue with her were hardcore Dolan fans

    • Hey 123 says:

      Justin White Oh trust me I saw a lot of people commenting on her insta/twitter that she “doesn’t deserver to be there, she’s a youtuber it’s not a real job, she sucks why was she invited” and etc. and ofc ppl hating on her for other little things

  7. jacktropica says:

    I’m 21 and this video makes me feel so unaccomplished ??

  8. Merve G says:

    Nooo Emma!!! You really should have went to some second hand shops because they are incredible in Paris! I live in Paris and so many tourist just come to Paris bc of the second hand shops. Next time go shop there 🙂

  9. R R says:

    First time seeing emma bleeping the F word ?

  10. Aveezy1K says:

    Who’s Always Waiting For The, “me editing” clip ???

  11. luna says:

    a girl obsessing over iced coffee and not showering for a week got to go to fashion week in paris.. god i’ve seen what you’ve done for others

  12. J ; says:

    is it just me or she is living in a different place now?

  13. Hanan Abusood says:

    Louis Vuitton’s marketing strategy is A1. The fact that they invited Emma for Paris Fashion Week and they know her voice/platform is so influential to young teens….where they’re now gonna be begging to their parents they want LV lmaooo. Teens are one of the biggest buyers of luxury brands and Louis Vuitton tryna out-beat Gucci to the younger audience. Smart tactic and congratulations Emma for that experience! You deserve it girl

    • Daynelly Herrera says:

      Hanan Abusood YES THANK YOU, I’ve seen so many people complain about why she was even invited to fashion week and they don’t understand that big designer brands are smart and know what they’re doing with marketing.

    • Disco Kitten says:

      Daynelly Herrera i completely agree with both of you but i think people were more upset that there is individuals who work really hard in that industry can never get opportunities like emma has but i mean emma is on another level of success obviously. But i think it’s just noted that a girl who wears legit the same thing and shops at one place over people who invest their craft into fashion. (I’m not hating I’m just explaining)

  14. zachary ballard says:

    I went from seeing you in your room in San Francisco with only 200k subs to Louis Vuitton inviting you to their fashion show and doing a photoshoot with them.

  15. Coraowo Gacha says:

    If Emma cuts her hair, we might never see the iconic scrungie ponytail agian?

  16. Alexandra Z says:

    yall remember when she made a fake gucci shirt..

  17. Lapanos Videos says:

    *insert funny thing to say* BTw iM a SmALl yoUTubEr

  18. Jaylin says:

    Emma should definitely take modeling serious ??

  19. srnsn says:

    Everything tastes so much better in europe because its not gene manipulated hahhah

  20. Arshia S says:

    Emma you’ve literally bought the same fuzzy coat like 3 times! ?

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