I will never be as cool as my 2 year old nephew in a bounce house

I will never be as cool as my 2 year old nephew in a bounce house

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20 Responses

  1. Merz Bois says:

    This kid is like Mike from Breaking Bad.

  2. Jacob Andersen says:

    You’re right, because unlike you, your nephew probably knows that you should always record in landscape mode.

  3. Ten Tron says:

    Vertical video? Looks like another facebook normie filmed this.

  4. Weedz420 says:

    “mmm this is providing me with enjoyment I guess”

  5. partybarge says:

    kids thinkin bout his stocks and who he gonna fuck up next

  6. Not Cool Bro says:

    lol im early in the trending section

  7. Colin Melloy says:

    these is trending really fast 0.o

  8. Strey15 PSN says:

    This kid is going to get bitches ??

  9. Barry b says:

    why is this trending it’s a kid jumping in a bouncy castle and the creator has 6 subs with 28K views… Pedophiles

  10. the8jrfan says:

    Does it belong in trending? Survey says ❌

  11. Loutermilch says:

    *obligatory comment complaing about the vertical video even though it’s not even a big deal in any way at all*

  12. Weeb fgt says:

    Why is this trending?

  13. Riddler27 says:

    Wow and I thought I was cool…

  14. Berta Lovejoy says:

    Finally something innocent came from Reddit. This totally deserves to be upboated to the front page, as there is little to none hidden messages of sexism and misogyny.

    Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter of Equality, Love, and Peace.

  15. Stunt Hard #NBA says:

    damn can the kid jump in Peace

  16. Reddit Silver User says:

    Any atheists here that would like to have a sophisticated and intellectual conversation about the theory of Trilby?

  17. I'm Luke Skywalker I'm Here To Rescue You says:

    This is so amazing, I don’t know what to say…

  18. TheFeedTV says:

    -> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1umxEhR6dbUzwx3OXqzXSGUDvhPhGsxR45yza7O9bGPY/edit?usp=sharing

  19. asdfjkdjsalkfj says:

    Ah 2 years old when life is filled with such hope and potential

  20. Andii The Yandere says:

    he’s like
    “I don’t give a fuuuck”

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