I Wore $5 Clothes From Romwe For A Week

I Wore $5 Clothes From Romwe For A Week

So after trying out inexpensive clothing from Wish, you guys requested that I try out clothing from other questionable websites like Romwe! So I bought $5 clothing for a week and tried out multiple outfits over the course of seven days to see if anything from Romwe is actually worth it.

What do you think? Would you try Romwe?

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72 Responses

  1. Safiya Nygaard says:

    HELLO FRIENDS!!! sorry for the delay, i was filming something ~secret~ all of last week! but i promise i’m posting twice this week to make up for it 💩what do you think, is romwe real or a ~scam~?

  2. Cathy Dorney says:

    Tyler was wearing a beyyyyn the drink slave tee 💿☕️☕️simplynailogical holosexual

  3. Mao Drawings says:

    OMG Safiya that banana skirt, I NEED IT. If I ever find a banana fabric I will make a skirt and tag you. Because honestly is too good to not be done in a proper way.

  4. Safah Khan says:

    Safiya- ‘Banana oo-na-na’
    Tyler- ‘O My God’ 😂

  5. Amanda S says:

    ‘There’s also a very strange tag right in my crack.’ 😂😂😂😂

  6. theoretically09 says:

    I really like you, but not a fan of these vids. Sweatshops, Child labour, horrible working conditions (and pollution) just to buy weirdly cheap clothing.

    • molly says:

      theoretically09 Yeah, every big brand uses sweatshops. Nike, Zara and shit. Nothing new.

    • Jasmine Norris says:

      if you don’t like the videos don’t watch them

    • Nicole Cook says:

      molly the sweatshops that these companies use are entirely unregulated which means child labour at a younger age than regulated factories, even less pay then the average $3 a day made at typical fast fashion retailers sweatshops, and EXTREMELY dangerous conditions. No sweatshops are good but some are worse than others

  7. BillieTeggers2 says:

    If you’re a size L/XL God help the rest of us!

  8. Nessa B says:

    Friends Print Drop Shoulder Raw Hem Hoodie Hooded Sweatshirt Friends Chandler Monica Phoebe Phoebe Monica No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Wayy Clap Clap Clap Clap SHEIN

  9. FirstFallSnow says:

    Is it just me or is it kind of nice when you see couples on YouTube who act like real couples?

  10. Mandy Bell says:

    “Let’s sort this from low to high…” Literally me every time I online shop lol.

    • Angela Jung says:

      Mandy Bell That’s the first thing I do when I get on any site. Change from sort by “recommended” or “best sellers” to “low to high”. LOL! FIRST THING.

  11. Aida Ja says:

    Banana uh na na
    part of my body is banana uh nana

  12. Fakhira Ahmed says:


  13. Marie-Andree Bourgeois says:

    The clothes look and feel like shit because it was made by people working 80 hours a week and paid 20$ a month.

    • Kayleigh D. says:

      Wow!! You know what sweatshops are!! Congrats!! Also, did you know your favorite clothing companies like Nike, H&M, etc do the exact same thing?? So, don’t make someone feel bad for doing the same shit you are!

    • Ashley Hood says:

      Kayleigh D. Stalker! How do you know she shops there???

    • Kayleigh D. says:

      Ashley Hood I am now a “stalker” for pointing out how many other very popular and trendy brands that she/he more than likely shop at also do the shit that Wish and Romwe do.

    • Ashley Hood says:

      Kayleigh D. I’m sure they do! Wish and Romwe are probably selling the overstocked or imperfect clothes from Forever 21 and H&M.

    • The_Howler says:

      these are not sweat shop clothes. These are rejected shipments and dead stock of brands that did not pass inspection.

  14. Koshka219 says:

    Cheap clothes were made on sweat factories! Is such an awful and wasteful thing! They do not last for long and get disposed quickly! This is such a big pollutant of the environment!!

  15. Plumeria Hyacinth says:

    Love these vids, but all these places you buy from use horrible labor conditions and are horrible for the environment 😢

    • Sarah Zurita says:

      How do you not know companies like Nike and H&M are known for it too? Lana wouldn’t be proud of your dumb ass

    • Nicole Cook says:

      Sarah Zurita yeah but those factories are at least somewhat regulated (don’t get me wrong they’re still horrible factories) but sellers on these sites aren’t regulated and are probably barely paying their workers anything compared to regular fast fashion retailers, and the working conditions are probably waaaay more dangerous

    • Laura S. says:

      I was thinking exactly the same thing.

    • Greywind92 says:

      Same with most of the stuff you buy so shut up

    • Anna Morales says:

      I agree! Even though these clothes are cheap they probably are using materials and dyes that aren’t great for you. I bet they don’t last long either. You’ll be happier and healthier in the long run by purchasing a quality product.

  16. trash says:

    “Rom-wee” I’m laughing so hard

    I’ve always heard it pronounced as “Rom-way” lol

    • Min Yoongi deserves the world says:

      I would pronounce it as “rom-wae” too tbh (Italian speaker)

    • 13FallenAngela says:

      +JJP I have been all over the U.S.A, North West, North East, South East to the tip of Florida, I have been West coast, South West, Middle America I have been to Texas, I have been in the South and I have also been to Hawaii and I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER heard a single person say “Nikey”. Where do you get such nonsense from?

    • Green Beans says:

      I always thought it was “rom-wee” also |-/

    • Loris stuff says:

      I say it rome-we

    • Colleen Posadas says:

      13FallenAngela We pronounce it Nikee her in the northwest. What do u call it?

  17. Moni Stars says:

    Romweee or romwaayy. Cos I say Romway

  18. Andrea Corona says:

    Honestly, these videos should probably stop. Buying cheap clothing from these marketplace websites encourages fast fashion, which only makes more landfill and encourages businesses to underpay workers and steal designs from other artists.

    • molly says:

      Andrea Corona Lots of companies do this – not just cheap clothing. Stop telling what content she can and can’t do.

    • It's Jowke says:

      the artist didn’t pay to patent their art in the first place…oh wait the artist is probably too broke to pay for copyright.

    • C Baelz says:

      A lot of people aren’t even aware of just how much it takes to make clothing. Many are aware of sweatshops, but don’t know that it takes about 2700 Liters of water (713 gallons) to make a shirt. Fast fashion ends up in landfills usually because the clothes don’t last long and this is a HUGE waste. She didn’t tell her NOT to, just gave her opinion.

  19. Ella G says:

    I’d love to see you do a haul from a popular company that ethically makes their clothing. You can even compare it to these cheap stores and discuss the pros and cons of buying fast fashion vs. ethically made fashion. You could also go into the history of how fast fashion came to be. I love it when you give us history lessons! If you ever get sick of YouTube, you would make an amazing teacher!

    • SydneyNicoleIsland says:

      this!! ^^^ so many people on here are assuming the people talking about sweatshops and the environment in the comments shop at h&m or nike, but there are quite a few ethical clothing stores. a comparison on quality, environmental impact, and working conditions would be so cool! plus it’s always great for companies trying to do good to get some extra business and love.

  20. Twilight Bright says:

    I want to order from Romwe for the summer

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