Ice T Re-Voices Care Bears, The Smurfs and Dora the Explorer

Ice T Re-Voices Care Bears, The Smurfs and Dora the Explorer

Jimmy discovers that Ice T used to do voiceover work for children’s cartoons, like “Care Bears,” “The Smurfs” and “Dora the Explorer.”

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Ice T Re-Voices Care Bears, The Smurfs and Dora the Explorer

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20 Responses

  1. MageBeLike says:

    Ice T is always Aaron Griffin to me. Gears is life.

  2. RobProductions says:

    Last one is gold

  3. Sarah Lam says:

    This it even real

  4. Daniel Cazco says:

    The last one BURNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. David Tran says:

    that is f**king hilarious especially the last part!

  6. madaisy077 says:

    came here only for the dogs…

  7. Ray Baby says:

    Look at my favorite rapper. From a gangsta to a Godfather. Looking like a
    rich man. Thurston Howell the 3rd anybody. LOL Ice Rocks always!! Congrats
    to Ice & Cocoa on new baby boy.

  8. Suzann Palmour says:

    I wish there was a “Roots Cam” displayed picture-in-picture so we could see
    their reactions throughout every show. :D

  9. Carrie Kube says:

    Ice-T should do a YT series where he dubs over characters from old

  10. chilvari says:

    omg too funny! I was crackin’ up!

  11. Steve Holmgren says:


  12. minority86 says:

    Quest laugh at 1:32

  13. Pimping Cherries says:

    You can’t not love Ice T

  14. gilberzj1 says:

    those are some well trained dogs

  15. Courter Caputo says:

    I picked the blond Crack **ore’s 20 dollar rock that she smoked,now mm
    please read everythings clear before I say this.They want this gone like
    the Crack **ore’s 20 dollar rock I seen her when I was age 15 ahh.,they
    want it gone Guy’s,well I was Jesus ). that’s clear ). isn’t it great to be
    apart of something I have you know what im talking about.

  16. Scott J Hall says:

    This guy’s Madd dogg from GTA SA?

  17. BurnedSpace says:

    Sounds exactly like Michael strahan

  18. Razpado66 says:


  19. TokyoKazama says:

    When Questlove laughs, the whole world smiles.