If Antidepressant Commercials Were Honest

If Antidepressant Commercials Were Honest


They SHOULD tell you, but don’t because it’s hard to market nightmares.

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20 Responses

  1. boogy says:

    50 views?! jeez, never been this early…..

    was I supposed to make a joke?

  2. SkeletorsRightHand says:

    weird i just watched unedited footage of a bear

  3. Pikapetey Animations says:

    I’m depressed because you didn’t click on my creepy avatar.

  4. Anthony Ingram says:

    if he is roger why is everything horton branded

  5. Save Our Socials says:

    Forgot to mention how they can give you suicidal thoughts even if you
    weren’t experiencing those before! *sigh sigh*

  6. crypto66 says:

    I remember taking zoloft… just made me feel so hot I couldn’t sleep.

  7. Phayk Naim says:

    Where can I get some of those pills?

  8. Vincent Garcia says:

    Six years strong on Zoloft. Still sad as shit. But that maybe the

  9. Henrik Larsen says:

    These used to just be innocent fun. Now…… George Orwell, you had nooo
    idea ::o

  10. The Gray Pet says:

    Antideppressants have commercials? Lemme guess: USA?

  11. Random Select says:

    I’m starting to think Roger might ACTUALLY be THE DEVIL, like… the ACTUAL

  12. snowjoe says:

    Ha, joke’s on them! I don’t expect my meds to help make ANYTHING better,
    just to make it seem like things aren’t getting worse. So it looks like I
    win.Another hollow, meaningless, victory that I’m using to fuel the
    falsehood that is my confidence and self-esteem. I have my coping methods,
    and that’s all I need. The whole antidepressants thing is to make other
    people believe they are actually helping in some way even though that is a
    lie. Humans are creatures of habit, meds are taken on a schedule, so it has
    just become a part of my daily life by now. I barely even think about
    whether or not they are doing anything for me.

  13. OoieGooie says:

    Antidepressant commercials? Wow, just wow. How is that legal? Next the
    Cartel will be advertising crack.

  14. BlackMarch says:

    Hortiolis sound like a STD, just saying…

  15. Sam Gilfellan says:

    Thank god I don’t live in America… no drug marketing for me!!!!

  16. Zachery Hall says:

    ya know, I actually used to believe this shit. but fact is, the science
    behind anti-depressants is actually pretty solid and well-understood.
    cynical, uneducated claims like this, meant to reduce peoples’ trust in
    medication for depression, causes way more harm than good. you shouldn’t be
    doing this. there are serious consequences to this video.

  17. riversong isbae says:

    this video time 100 for bipolar :(

  18. Julie Hafford says:

    Roger says I need something?!?! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

  19. Dr. Whis Grant says:

    Rodger for president??!

  20. E. Duncan says:

    So my antidepressants aren’t actually helping me not want to commit suicide
    anymore? It’s only a placebo effect? well in that case……..