If Coffee Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads

If Coffee Commercials Were Honest – Honest Ads


Only good marketing could get the entire world addicted to black liquid that raises blood pressure and increases stress.

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20 Responses

  1. Immortan Joe says:

    I never drink coffee.

  2. Orochimaruswife1 says:

    “no cultural stigma” this obviously doesn’t take place in Utah

  3. Caleb Carter says:

    Peeps, OMFG difference really love this work deetly successful .

  4. John Smith says:

    Why can’t we just stop pussyfooting around our drugs and go back to blowing
    a line every 15 minutes to get you through the day.

  5. OG Sputnik Spyglass says:

    This could be 2x funnier if it was half as long

  6. Jonathan Phillips says:

    don’t like coffee. before or after working at a Starbucks but I liked this
    vid lol

  7. Shaw says:

    and for people like me that coffee does not effect, yet I still love it.
    Black with no sugar?

  8. TheEnlightenedFool says:

    “Kinda” funny. Stupid as fuck, but slightly funny.

  9. Justin McNeil says:

    this is a bit repudiative

  10. devilmikey00 says:

    Honestly just about everything falls into the category of “my happiness
    depends on the misery of others”. Almost everything not made in a country
    with tightly controlled laws/wage regulations for workers is nightmare fuel
    if you look into. That’s pretty much everything BTW.

  11. Isagail Carshuen says:

    Is it weird that I have Roger’s voice in my head critiquing everything in
    my everyday life?
    “Oh look. Coffee beans. They are actually seeds you know, but people are
    more likely to eat it if it’s called a coffee bean. Marketing magic!”

  12. Rorschach says:

    damn old man! got Kik?

  13. travis high says:

    They make it sound like drugs are bad

  14. Jimi Alipaz says:

    love it. Love everything about

  15. Dojibu says:

    I get my caffeine fix from other less Natural means. All those energy
    drinks and soda will prolly give me a heart attack some day.

  16. Dan Razzaia says:

    Coffee is only native to Ethiopia, which is not in Southern Africa.

  17. Wade Wilson says:

    ☕️ I’ll drink to that

  18. TheRev says:

    Here’s a hint: If your coffee tastes like wet cigar stubs and asphalt,
    you’re drinking Starbucks.

    Try not drinking Starbucks.

  19. arbitterm says:

    “Eat well. Stay fit. Die anyways.”
    George Carlin

  20. clonesean8 says:

    No thanks, I don’t need the sugar. I take my coffee black.