If every planet was as close to us as the moon is…. 😳

If every planet was as close to us as the moon is…. 😳

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  1. Zach Bounds says:

    If we were that close to Saturn or Jupiter, Earth would be the moon

  2. Sam says:

    If Saturn was that close to Earth it probably wouldn’t affect gamers that much

  3. tds soldier says:

    Everyone: talking about the plantes
    Me: vibing to bloody stream

  4. Solar says:

    Everyone: talking about Uranus

    Me: *vibing to bloody stream*

  5. miss blue says:

    this actually isn’t true. if jupiter was so close to us like that you wouldnt even see the top and bottom, you just see j u p i t e r

  6. dasein says:

    He’s saying I’ll never go outside like, someone will suddenly change the light bulb of the sky. You will be born with the idea of having Jupiter pressing down it’s ass cheeks on earth’s face, it will be normal.

  7. Johnny Joestar says:

    Meanwhile everyone talking about the planets

    Me just listening to the bloody stream ost

  8. Sarthak Bharadwaj official says:

    Everyone: talking about planets

    Me: why would he say ‘whats that,uranus’.

  9. Leeksteam says:

    Mercury: what is my point?
    “To not exist”
    Mercury: oh god

  10. Laser Pasta says:

    *everyone talking about how Saturn isn’t close to the earth at all*

    Me: *why is there jojos bizzare adventure music in the background?*

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