If Google Was A Guy (Part 5)

If Google Was A Guy (Part 5)

These searches may be dumb, but don’t forget who wrote them. You did… for the 5th time.

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20 Responses

  1. John Bedard says:

    zerg rush

  2. iShelby says:

    ill just stick with google woman or better yet ‘MOM’

  3. CalicoCat says:

    Lol XD I missed this series :3

  4. Frank Samones says:

    Stop pushing an agenda CH, it’s annoying as hell. And by the way, the
    debate about global warming isnt whether it is real or not, it is about
    whether or not it is caused by human emissions. And also, that whole “97%
    agree its humans” thing has been proven to be a false statistic multiple
    times. Maybe if you stopped putting your idiotic politics in your videos,
    maybe you would actually make good ones more often.

  5. Flench says:

    1:15 Anyone else hate this woman?

  6. Pedro Ribeiro says:

    google is a guy wtf

  7. Arthro says:

    Ayy Colton Dunn!

  8. Ronaldo Basdeo says:

    Do a barrel roll

  9. Blue Slime Hunter says:

    Do a barrel roll

  10. Darkflameth says:

    Good old web M.D

  11. Owen Chauncy says:

    Please MOAR

  12. David Wood says:

    The barrel roll killed it lol

  13. Skill-point says:

    the “do a barrel roll” thing is real.

  14. docxy says:

    I still want to see someone go to bing asking for google

  15. Joseph Lewis says:

    I’m loving these vids, and the end proves that this joke can be used more!

    You guys know what your doing!

  16. Equator says:

    I wanna see what happens when someone says Zerg Rush xD

  17. LightningThief Khen says:

    Lol search google space and the guy just goes floating

  18. Abigail Brandenburg says:

    the Google plus bit is so true ☺

  19. Justin F. says:

    Barrel Roll thing was brilliantly done.

  20. kurtdakilla says:

    Don’t use Google they spy on you, try start page or duckduckgo instead.