If Politicians Won’t Take Action, These High Schoolers Will

If Politicians Won’t Take Action, These High Schoolers Will

There’s only one group Stephen thinks can actually defend the kids. And it is. . . the kids.

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74 Responses


    I don’t really see why anyone needs a semi automatic assault rifle anyway. I can see the argument that law abiding gun owners shouldn’t be punished for one persons actions. Like that terrorist who mowed down a crowd with his van In NICE, just because he did that does that mean people should be banned from driving? I can see their argument but still… honestly.. why the fuck do you need a semi automatic assault rifle. There’s plenty of other things you can have fun with.

  2. Ashcool says:

    As someone who is not from USA, I don’t understand the mental illness argument. I simply don’t. We have mentally ill people everywhere around the world just like we do in the USA. However, we don’t have 8 school shootings within less than 2 months anywhere else in the world like we had in the USA. What does USA have that’s different from these other countries? Mentally ill people or guns?

    I get that the right wing politicians are bought out by the NRA but I don’t get why the regular average joes who are right wingers don’t see this basic logic and keep braying that its a mental health issue. This is the kind of thing that makes people think Americans are stupid.

    • TheMegaAhaaaa says:

      They keep up the mental illness argument so that they don’t have to talk about gun control. That’s what I think anyway.

    • Leviticus Ben Israel says:

      Ashcool I’m just going to say this and you can take however you want to. It’s never been about mental health when my people commit crimes in the US. It’s a mental health issue in the US when Edomites (Caucasians) commit crimes like this in the US.

      If they tell the truth about the people who commit the crimes then they have to acknowledge that the Edomites in the US aren’t the saints they constantly try to portray themselves to be in the US media. Someone will argue that “It’s not about race.”, but just looking at the clips says differently and in a country where one group is always portrayed as criminals constantly you can not notice it.

      I had more to say but I’m just gonna let it go for now.

    • G Wills says:

      What’s different about the USA from other countries? A corrupt and captured government and a generation of “leaders” who use capitalism as an excuse to steal from their neighbors, ignore societies best interests, and loot the planet. THE ENTIRE ECONOMY impoverishes and prey’s upon the masses, and eats our own. Americans have no understanding of civics, power, class and are kept sick, poor, and misinformed – they are victims of an evil empire. i used to love this country but now recognize the US (in its current form) is the greatest threat to global stability and human prosperity

  3. jimenez8tv says:

    That is why we need to reinforce the separation of church & state, keep the church in the gutter and our minds shall be free.

    • haha hoho says:

      Agreed 100%

    • The Political Rook says:

      We’re a whole lot more separated then you think. I agree on a separation of business and state because if lobbyist today however. About guns though you know the second amendment literally says we can bear arms to protect ourselves from the government? The who point of the constitution and bill of rights is to protect us from our own government. That’s why I think the first amendment (btw the only country to have it) is such a genius one to protect our minds and opinions and the second amendment is great for our physical protection.

  4. Carl Malone says:

    Kids are right about guns, gays, universal health care, and the environment.

    • theboywonder says:

      G Wills what years are baby boomers born between again?

    • The Political Rook says:

      Wrong about universal healthcare, socialism, and communist states.

    • theboywonder says:

      nvm. i found out the years. only thing i’m grateful for from the baby boomer generation is probably the music. helps get through the day.

    • KC the KPop Legend says:

      “starting birth years ranging from the early-to-mid 1940s and ending birth years ranging from 1960 to 1964” those are the baby boomers years. Gen Y and Gen Z will take it from here ty government. We have progressive minds and a blunt yet caring attitude we will not stand for this bullshit like Gen X and Baby Boomers did. Millennials have children now and our kids will be power houses! We will stand beside them and work our hardest to do better than our parents and grandparents did for us.

    • J T says:

      Carl Malone You couldn’t be more wrong.these intentionally ignorant children are libratard puppets infected with liberalism and a promise of Fame and attention

  5. 32lxx6ika 88 says:

    The children are the future of USA.

    • Mictla says:

      Truth the future generation will be humanity’s last shot. It is to late to fix a lot of the damage we have caused but things can still change.

    • G Wills says:

      Millennials (and their children) have inherited the task of pretty much saving the planet. Fucking boomers ruined our environment, culture, and economy.

    • Mictla says:

      G Wills They really are going to decide whether or not of species goes on……if we don’t destroy ourselves before they get the chance.

    • Truth Sayer says:

      Millennials and their children think men can turn into women and believe sexuality is genetic while gender is a choice. Our future is fucked, even if they care about the environment. They live scientifically impossible lies and reject the truth of ex-gays and ex-trans people. Any faith in the zika yolo gen 98IQ low hormone generations is ill-placed and incredibly ill-informed. Read a book.

    • Marcus Rashford says:

      Truth Sayer racist

  6. keilanatalierose says:

    So we shouldn’t make a law because people who want guns badly enough will find a way to get them? Funny how the exact same argument for abortion seems to have no effect on these lawmakers. They are the epitome of hypocrisy.

  7. BootlegFightVideo says:

    We had a law that made this gun hard to get in new condition. Clinton passed it, Obama tried to renew it. Bush and GOP Congress let it expire and now it kills piles of people at once after it became a big seller among kooks who thought a Kenyan was taking over the country in a dictatorship. Republicans (Sen. Mike Johanns) actually argued you can see it in movies and video games so it’s no problem. Ted Cruz, Orrin Hatch, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Jeff Sessions voted for these mass murders.

  8. Electric Fan says:

    A message to Congressmen/women: I don’t think pissing off your future voters is a smart idea.

  9. Billy Heaning says:

    Old white rich men getting cash shoved into their pockets by the NRA won’t say shit. They sniff that cash and ignore anything else. But here’s the thing: all of you rich old white men are gonna be dead in about ten to fifteen years. Enjoy your time while it lasts — you should be acutely aware that there is a new generation rising. I’m stuck in the middle. I’m 38. But these kids, they’re going to replace *all* of you, eventually. And I can’t say “good riddance” enough. You old “Christian” rich white guys, yes, be very afraid. Not from violence, but from Father Time. You’re long in tooth, and the world is no longer yours. It’s ours. And we learned from your mistakes. Goodbye. Good riddance. Long live the new generation.

    • Iamtop says:

      Honestly this is bigger than just the NRA. The disadvantage of a representative democracy is that a few number of people is easier to corrupt, we know that since Athens. You guys need stronger anti lobbying laws, nothing is gonna move much until you solve your problem of money in politics.
      Big media that attract political advertisers won’t touch this because they get a good part of said money during campaigns but it is really to their own detriment on the long term.

    • Aquinas 200 says:

      If the NRA are buying out Politicians your going to have to show me Republicans who have switched their position from anti-guns to pro-guns after the NRA has intervened.

    • XYL says:

      As we could have told the original Aquinas: “I’m calling False Equivalency”

    • zaco21 says:

      SO young black men will do anything if they get enough money.

  10. kenyizsu says:

    The USA. Land of The Idiots where CHILDREN have to fucking stand up against guns, while adults do literally nothing.
    I can’t believe there was a time when I looked up to this country. Never again.

    • crystal mills says:

      kenyizsu It was the same during the Vietnam war, kids (mostly college students) had to lead the change, putting themselves at risk (Kent State).

    • The Political Rook says:

      These same kids think socialism and communism is a good idea. I think a medical check is necessary but past that the second amendment is literally there to protect us from our own government.

    • Tomislav Galic says:

      @The Political Rook: Member of the Tinfoil hat army? If the government wants to be a dictatorship you could shit about it.

    • white beard says:

      That’s because the adults know their right to own a gun.

  11. Kreig Dernier says:

    It didn’t happen to me or my children so it’s not that bad. That’s the attitude that has to be conquered.

  12. BabakoSen says:

    Mr. Rubio: kindly repeat that while replacing “gun” with “abortion” and try not to vomit at your own hypocrisy.

    • Max Messmer says:

      Oh snap

    • Aquinas 200 says:

      Democrats downvoted a bill to make abortions after 20 weeks illegal. If Democrats think the feetus isnt a fully grown human after 20 weeks then what defines human.

    • Thomas Cahyuti says:

      But think of the children! Ohwaitaminute…

    • Taylor Renae says:

      Aquinas 200 they want late stage abortions available for women who need them for medical reasons. My friend was 26 weeks pregnant when they found out her baby had tumors all up and down his spine, he’d be a complete vegetable and would have no quality of life, and the pregnancy was dangerous to continue for Mom. So she had to make the horrible decision to get a late stage abortion to spare her son that. Why don’t you get your head out of your ass

    • Tomislav Galic says:

      @Taylor Renae: Shhh, don´t confuse him! A moral dilemma is not what he voted for

  13. Kattz says:

    We have gun control in Canada. The farmers can get a shotgun to protect their land. The hunters are able to buy a rifle. Members of gun clubs can get pistols for target shooting. In short everyone with a legitimate reason to get a gun can get one. Mass shootings are rare. They don’t happen in schools or otherwise. Why do Americans think that this is a bad thing?

    • BadgerUKvideo says:

      Tustin2121 The echo chamber is some dangerous shit. It’s as you pointed out, young people have no idea what a nuanced opinion looks like. You hear an old dude saying stuff with authority and it sounds correct. If you’re not already well versed enough in the subject to be able to call bullshit you’ve got not no fucking chance.

      It’s all well and good saying that we should be consuming fair and balanced media but a) it doesn’t really exist, even the BBC is way too biased for my liking and b) it just doesn’t sell. It isn’t sexy.

      We’re always going to be stuck in an echo chamber because of market forces. If we could figure out a way of artificially pushing high quality commentators then that would go a long way to fixing the problem. But how the fuck is that even possible? How do we get people switching from Alex Jones to Ben Shapiro? I can’t see how it could be done in a free market.

    • Andriy Selezen says:

      Vichrae V. Most Americans are pro-gun

    • Jim Fortune says:

      Andriy Selezen
      Have you any idea how much money the US gave to bin Laden?

    • PhrontDoor says:

      Actually, the most famous bell-tower shooter bought his weapons (legally) and ammunition literally ON the DAY of the shooting. He bought an M1 carbine at a hardware store (with checks).

    • PhrontDoor says:

      The reason for the difference is Canadians are more mature. Americans are immature, angry, entitled morons that have demonstrated (decade after decade) that they are NOT mature enough to be left with guns.

  14. Quiet Giant says:

    The saddest part to me is the citizens discrediting these tragedies and their victims. People calling shootings like Parkland and Sandy Hook hoaxes and false flags, calling the parents grieving for their dead children liars and paid actors just because they fear change. Even national personalities are able to spew the most retched unfounded bile without any repercussion. There truly is a sickness in this country and recent politics are bubbling it to the surface like never before. I just hope the nation sweats it out like a fever rather than succumbing to it.

  15. W. Kamara Njoku says:

    A kid can’t buy a bottle of beer but can buy himself a renowned killing machine… okay.

  16. buddy moore says:

    The people who shoot up schools and the people who assault people in their houses are 2 different criminals. The criminals will just get guns other ways, doesnt work for school shooters. Stopping THEM from having a gun DOES stop school shootings. They didnt get a gun the hard way. They get it from parents or able to buy it on their own like the Florida kid. We need to separate the argument .

    • The Political Rook says:

      So does armed vets/teachers because the trend is to go to areas where guns aren’t allowed to be so people on these areas are easy targets.

  17. Taiken64 says:

    “We can’t do anything about guns. If people want to get them, they’re going to find a way to get them. Next on the agenda, banning marijuana, regulating tobacco and alcohol usage, and upping the driver’s license requirements.”

  18. Johnny Mac says:

    Only 9 countries in history have ever had the right to bear arms in their constitution, and only 3 of them still do: USA, Mexico and Guatemala.

    If you actually think a gun is necessary for freedom, then you’re precisely the type of person who shouldn’t be owning one.

    • Aquinas 200 says:

      Victoria K Hahahahahaha So you believe the Governments going to protect you. The same government where the FBI were given several warnings about cruz. Please

    • brandon castillo says:

      The dislike button is strong with this post

    • zaco21 says:

      Victoria K, the 2nd Amendment is not about protection from the government. It’s about oppression. There were many uprisings that were put down with the help of the militias. THe 2nd Amendment says “regulated militias”.

    • The Political Rook says:

      You know, the reason why we have fucking guns is so the second the USA wants to impose rules or laws that break the constitution it’s our DUTY as citizens to fight back. Literally the second amendment talks about how we have the right to arm ourselves to protect ourselves.

  19. Tito Tim says:

    As a parent, and a long time school employee, I hope the kids organize a nationwide walk out. Just shut down the schools until something is done. Go home, and stay home. I want to see a social media firestorm!

    • Tolyngee says:

      Kids are just all planning it on 4/20… so they can all go smoke a bowl

    • altitude illume says:

      until private schools & country clubs are murdered, nra & the devil rules. red elite’s built private enclave’s of security with OUR RECORD DEFICITS & DEBTS = THEIR RECORD PROFITS. *laughing at CON-CREATED STRESS IN PUBLIC FAMILIES, the weak & fear-filled quitters, became red’s core voter.* RED’S forgetting THE WOUNDED CAN ATTACK BACK, in OUR democratic-republic.

    • dawson wallander says:

      Tito Tim your a god damn moron


      Everyone is saying “Get something done” But can’t even give us examples besides “outlaw guns!”.. In which, won’t change a thing. How about mandatory police at every school besides having just 1 or 2 resource officers?

  20. yo yo says:

    Plz get rid of the Electoral give the power back to the people

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