If Websites Started Dating

If Websites Started Dating

Social media can get REAL annoying…
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Camera: Canon 5D
Lenses: Canon 16-35mm
Microphone: RØDE NTG2
Editing software: Final Cut Pro X

Music by Audio Network.

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20 Responses

  1. Toby Prynne says:

    How to get rekt by emma. Step 1 *See Above*

  2. Sharon Hutchinson says:

    Great video Emma, I really enjoyed it!

  3. Atousa says:

    I have watched this NUMEROUS times, and it is still funny, great job Emma!

  4. Gabriel Walsh says:

    This is some funny stuff (even if G+ gets roasted in the process).

  5. King V says:

    So……..how was the pasta?

  6. john macdonald says:

    Well that was offensive.

  7. Megan Pritts says:

    Hilarious! “Am I too fat?” “Are we really not going to talk about how cute
    this kid is?” “Do you see anyone without mouths?” Great stuff!

  8. superwholock says:


  9. Josh OpieOP says:

    aww I feel bad for Google+ now :/

  10. KoricTheBrave says:

    How the fuck did you manage to make me feel bad about google+ ????

  11. Tyler “Blasian Dick Grayson” Cross says:

    Fucking priceless

  12. Critical Point says:

    Damn girl, where were you in all these years ? You are one of the coolest
    youtubers and I didn’t knew about you until last week or so.

  13. Luis U says:

    You are awsome XD

  14. DeepShadedGlassesGuy says:


  15. Damien Treox says:

    Brilliant, just brilliant, the sound, editing, the personalisation of
    websites, nice pacing and good music choice. This was funny and
    entertaining. Thank you.

  16. TheBalordin says:

    That was offensive

  17. notsosmall says:

    Kind of disappointed that Facebook basically comes out top.

  18. Ella Girl says:

    Emma’s videos are honestly amazing ❤️ Love ur vids Emma ❤️

  19. Pop Unicorns says:

    I really enjoyed the Tumblr one! As a fed up Tumblr user I can say this is
    very accurate :’D

  20. Matt Torr (Sydan) says:

    Instagram is my favourite! And I love tumblr, but yeah that’s pretty much
    how it feels sometimes. This is one of your best videos I think.