If You Are Seeing This Video It Means …WE HAD THE BABY!! 👶 (Nursery & Name Reveal)

If You Are Seeing This Video It Means …WE HAD THE BABY!! 👶 (Nursery & Name Reveal)

So if you’re seeing this video right now it means that WE HAD THE BABY!! We filmed this video in advance so we could upload it to keep you guys in the loop when it finally happened. Like I mention in the video, the next 4 weeks worth of new videos were pre-recorded before I gave birth so that I could take some time off filming to rest, heal & enjoy being a new Mom. Thank you all for your love & support through this entire journey!

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Also thank you to Baby and Me Nursery for the Mommy bag gift. Check them out: https://instagram.com/babyandmenursery

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38 Responses

  1. bre says:

    lauren like 2 years ago: “yeahhh i dont really think were gonna have kids anytime soon..-”
    lauren now: “c h i l d”

  2. Lonely Sandwich says:

    When Lauren’s nursery room is more put together than your life

  3. Kiran says:

    Lauren: this room is very bright colourful beautiful
    Me: staring at the grey wall

  4. Val Exists says:

    Just imagine: in 4 years, Melody and Lauren just in the kitchen, eating all the bread

  5. Niamh Baker says:

    Lauren and bobby calling their kid Melody after meeting through the music industry,
    Makes me imagine what if my parents called me ‘university’

  6. Lorelei says:

    Bobby’s mom is so adorable for making all this stuff for them. I can’t anymore😭🤚

  7. Skeppys twin says:

    Lauren is my childhood YouTuber she’s like my second mom! I’m so incredibly happy for you Lauren for you to have your own child as you basically raised me. You’ll be a great mother, and however long it takes you to heal take that time to rest you don’t have to think about us you need rest.

  8. Chris says:

    Bobby’s mom be like: I’m gonna crochet everything that child will own

  9. Veyda Francis says:

    melody:eats bread in the kitchen

    Lauren:thats normal

    bobby:how is this normal,she is almost eating a loaf of bread

  10. •Revel•シ says:

    10 years later: Bobby comes home ready to see his family.

    *Lauren and melody doing tiktoks and eating bread.*

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