Iggy Azalea Explains Papa John’s Twitter Rant | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Iggy Azalea Explains Papa John’s Twitter Rant | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Iggy Azalea shares what happened when a Papa John’s delivery boy shared her phone number.
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IGGY PART 1: http://youtu.be/uCyy6SoK5iw

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Iggy Azalea Explains Papa John’s Twitter Rant | On Air with Ryan Seacrest

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20 Responses

  1. ahmad 1996 says:

    Love her she’s so funny

  2. Candy Howard says:

    I completely understand where she’s coming from! That’s totally invading
    her privacy!!!! What if he was some kinda psychopathic or something? Not

  3. JoseMN says:

    Great interview. 

  4. zagato77904 says:

    god, just die you inbred

  5. Jr Hrdz says:


  6. Smokeweeda Jenkins says:

    Brat !

  7. Josh Osuna says:

    She should tweet like she speaks, she sounded way way way angrier in her
    tweets! +iggyazaleamusicVEVO 

  8. OptimistHunter Reel says:

    This was surprisingly a really great funny interview. Iggy’s not as bad as
    she comes off on twitter

  9. Ashton Klotter says:

    I just Cant with these New “Celebrities”. from Iggy to Ariana Grande etc
    etc Not only Hearing but SEEING(As she comes off in this Interview) That
    they are better than anyone else. You havent earned Your Stripes Yet. get
    over Yourself. Take notes From Britney, Beyonce etc and stay HUMBLE In the
    Game or the Public will be turned off…End Rant.

  10. Mega Gardevoir says:

    I love iggy. 

  11. luf4rall says:

    Iggy seems like a very sensible and logical person. Very eloquent.

  12. Wayne Spencer says:

    She is so fake…. She’s like t. i. Puppy to white people 

  13. surge kalashnik says:


  14. Buddychigo says:

    I’m only 25 but I think I’m already becoming very old-fashioned. I don’t
    know why but it bothers me that she sent tweets to confront the company. I
    understand that she wanted to make it public so that they would react
    quickly, but part of me can’t help thinking: ‘Just send a private message,
    an email or give them a phone call! Make it private!’

  15. nesriine subcribed says:

    Imfaoo she’s hilarious i love her 

  16. Princess Enuka says:

    I love Iggy.

  17. Francois Gatete says:

    An 18 year old lost his job. 

  18. Kathy Nguyen says:

    i don’t think she realizes that everyone “fangirls” like that… but they
    don’t mean any harm 

  19. Jake W says:

    Imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince the Japanese to
    flood Japan with NON-Japanese until they themselves become a minority.
    To convince them to force affirmative action AGAINST THEMSELVES with all
    those NON-Japanese.
    That this “diversity” is a strength.
    And to convince them that it would be “racist” to NOT do this to themselves.
    No need convincing WHITE anti-Whites of this in EVERY White country,
    they’re already convinced.
    Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White.

  20. Josh Ruiz says:

    she’s funny i don’t get why so many people hate her