iKON – ‘I’M OK’ M/V

iKON – ‘I’M OK’ M/V

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58 Responses

  1. Jessica Le says:

    who hurt bi like this for him to write this song?! lol

  2. Haritsha Hanis says:

    Im so addicted with this songs hope always be trending and big fan from malaysia ??

  3. Devi Parwati says:

    #9 ON TRENDING in Indonesia??

  4. 몬스터 says:

    The best song of 2019 so far ???

  5. lol wtf says:

    *2.96 MILLION V|ews in 12 hours*
    Our goal was to hit 3 MILLION in 24 hours loool

  6. ARMY - CARAT says:

    Kings are back

  7. Gleaming Girl says:

    Junhoe is one FINE specimen <3
    EXO-L here to support 🙂

  8. A Kpop multifandom says:

    Wowww love the lyrics. I’m not very familiar with Ikon but I heard Hanbin writes the lyrics props to him

  9. Jewel says:

    hey they’re pretty cool. That guy Junhoe gave me feels

  10. skarreut says:

    #10 trending on PHILIPPINES!!

  11. Novalia Hesti says:

    It’s 04.00 A.M in Indonesia, I’m here and I can’t stop writing comments wkwk lol

  12. iKONICVIP1022 says:

    Hanbin (B.I) 0:14 1:36 2:40
    Bobby (Jiwon) 0:33 2:21
    Yunhyeong(SONG) 0:54
    Chanwoo (CHAN) 1:05 3:18
    Junhoe (JUNE) 1:16 1:57 3:07
    Jinhwan (JAY) 1:26 2:29 2:52
    Donghyuk (DK) 2:07 3:30 he sings the last part

  13. chuchuchu chu says:

    2019 is iKON’s year!!!! who’s with me????!!!!

  14. Naira Grigoryan says:

    2:13 pause the video, on the number plate of the car you can see
    15.09.15 is the day iKON debuted. How detailed a music video can be…

  15. Toujours Belle says:

    Most of the comments from non-fans are all about recognizing and appreciating B.I as songwriter and lyricist. You think I won’t cry? ?

  16. 공파리파 says:

    Everytime Bobby and Jay stare at the camera, my heart stops functioning. I need to go see a doctor.

  17. Gabe says:

    has anyone mentioned already how much iKON has grown since 2017? becausee dang, i’m so proud of them, they are getting better and better year by year

  18. norieko junggg says:

    Song writer of the year 2019!!! Ikon Kim Hanbin ❤️?❤️❤️?

  19. K L says:

    Everyone I know who listened to this before me said they cried. I’ve been avoiding listening to this the whole day because I knew I’d cry.

    This song literally spoke what a lot of us feel. How I interpreted it as though I had a break up with myself and lost all sense of overthinking because I didn’t have who I needed the most: myself.

    Thanks iKon♥️

  20. Yuju GFriend says:

    Still trending #9 on Indonesia and you guys?

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