Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Official Trailer – Magic: The Gathering

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Official Trailer – Magic: The Gathering

On the treacherous world of Ikoria, there’s always a bigger monster. Find yours on MTG Arena on April 16.

Preorder at your Local Game Store, Amazon, or MTG Arena: https://magic.wizards.com/products/ikoria

Download MTG Arena on the Epic Games Store today: https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/mtg-arena/home

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92 Responses

  1. Overseer76 says:

    I literally paused the video at 2:24 and stared dumbstruck for at least thirty seconds.

    • Light of Ryga says:

      @Godzillaboi1029 I’m telling you, don’t. It will ruin your life. It will be really fun for about a year, then you’ll start to understand the game’s faults, and especially the game makers’ faults, and it will drive you insane how poorly managed a potentially very fun game is. It’s really not fun at all anymore, especially Standard.

    • Epiphaniez says:

      Yep. Sounds accurate.

    • Wolf- 115 says:


    • Alissandro Andres says:

      @Light of Ryga ……Well…..commander’s a format…….

    • DigrenTube says:

      @anonymousvagrant Sort of. Mire’s Grasp would still put it in the graveyard as it would have toughness zero, but three damage *wouldn’t* put it in the graveyard. Nor would Dead Weight plus a Shock kill it, as the damage-vs-toughness check would instead be a damage-vs-power check. I’m not sure how a 0/N creature would work; would it be okay on the battlefield until it took any damage at all, then die immediately?

  2. Filip says:

    jeez, talk about completely butchering the feel of the trailer with that choice of song…

    • Atlas War says:

      Its a little cheezy but the set honestly is kind of cheezy itself
      – it is based completely off Godzilla and King Kong movies

    • Jack Haehl says:

      What feel are you expecting?
      Last trailer had a gingerbread family and now you’re pissed off about a goofy trailer?

    • Some Random Guy on the Internet says:

      I liked it

    • agnat86 says:

      @Caden Glass Well, that kind of makes Vivien evil. We learn from her planeswalker’s guide that some of these monsters actually like to torture the humans they hunt as prey, yet she condemns them for fighting back. I am a bit confused that WOTC seems to be promoting her as a hero while her actions and motives are quite villainous.

    • Micah Douglas says:

      I swear what is wrong with kids today.

  3. anthony clark says:

    Was that Godzilla? There’s a Godzilla card now?

    • murcielago Batman says:

      @Joffrey Collard no they got mothra , Rodan , the 3 headed one , space Godzilla, baby Godzilla, and mecha godzilla

    • murcielago Batman says:

      @The Profesionalist they did this before with transformers and my little pony.

    • Jayden Jones says:

      So the leaks were true🤔

    • The Profesionalist says:

      @A Homesick Alien I actually wouldn’t care if Magic did up and die. I’ve already collected enough cards to still have fun and play with friends. The meta is boring and has killed my love for green because it’s just filled with big dumb green cards that barley explore what you can do with green; which shocker is one of the cards premiered in this trailer (They really haven’t learned their lesson after Oko.). Plus not to mention Legends of Runetera is vastly more entertaining to watch gameplay of than MTG Arena and I can admit that; because I don’t owe MTG any of this “fan loyalty” and unlike you I’m not a brand cuck.

    • kornkobb420 says:

      @The Profesionalist You mean to tell me that wizards does things to sell cards? No really?? Dumbest comment ever.

  4. Albert Nguyen says:

    All I could think about when watching this was the scene from Shrek when he fights the knights. Maybe that was intended?

  5. aven78 says:

    I’m not sure how Bad Reputation fits in any way to what’s happening in the trailer, the world, the cards, or Vivien. Like that song choice irritates me greatly. I feel like I have to go watch a Naruto AMV with Linkin Park so I can watch something that’s bad but in a good way.

    • MrEvan1932 says:

      I guess Wizards is finally acknowledging they have a ‘Bad Reputation’

    • Centuros Productions says:

      They wanted to make up for making Vivien an ecoterrorist in her story? I dunno.

    • Properkid says:


    • Obi the BEEF says:

      @garmatey considering how she has a bad reputation with the mtg fanbase and the trailer clearly using the song to show her off i think its easy to say the song choice had NOTHING to do with the monster.

    • Nathaniel Thomas says:

      I think they are trying make vivien some kind of bad ass chick that doesnt care how cool she is…but you are right this is poor song selection

  6. ThisNameIsBanned says:

    Is this an out of season april fools joke ?

    WotC: Dont you have moneys ?

  7. OrigamiPhoenix says:

    Why was one of my immediate thoughts,” How hard and how expensive was it to license that?”

    • Teddiursa92 says:

      @GrandEel true but legally this isn’t merch

    • Corey says:

      Um, did you already forget about War of the Spark’s trailer? Did you ask how expensive it was to license that music?

    • StarSpaceDreamer says:

      Hasbro wants to make money, even falling back on old licensing, Toho wants their creation to expand into every corner of the world, Wizards is digging around in the bottom of their barrel trying to find something that will net them a win. Biggest question is why would Toho say yes since they must know how hard both the other two are failing…Wizards more than their Co-Owners

    • OrigamiPhoenix says:

      @Corey Godzilla is bigger than one cover of a Linkin Park song.

    • vinnythewebsurfer says:

      It’s ok, when they put out modern horizons 2, it’ll cost 300$ in unofficially MSRP and there will be many more secret lair drops and collector boosters to sell to make up for the money they spent on this stupid commercial

  8. R.Q.R. says:

    This song was a TERRIBLE choice! None of the visuals go with it.

  9. TARDIS915 says:

    I like the visuals of the trailer, but I was expecting a more serious soundtrack. I was caught so off guard that I busted out laughing XD

  10. Joao Luis says:

    Really bad trailer (especially when compared to all the recent ones). The battle seems weightless and has no tension, the music doesn’t fit at all and I couldn’t even grasp the theme or story of the set (yeah, there are beasts, but where are we, what is happening, etc.?)

    • Lucas Chaparro says:

      totally agree it sucks

    • Mustard Mission says:

      The where are we part is already answered (Ikoria)

    • Salvador Toscano says:

      That’s probably because Vivien is Wizards’ MTG version of MCU Captain Marvel. Because of this, *she just can’t lose!* The soldiers running away had better tension in the fight, because they were actually showing emotion that wasn’t, “I’m here now, so this thing is dead. I’m invincible, I can do anything, and nothing can stop me.” Wizards needs to actually make *good characters and good storylines.*

    • TheChzoronzon says:

      The Michelle Rodriguez smirk, the Arkbow shooting basically holograms, the sub par animation etc etc

    • kcsnipes says:

      Joao Luis not bad looks gorgeous !

  11. Toxic Atom says:

    Haha, silly music version of the trailer for April Fools, with joke card reveal at the end. Very funny wiz-


    • Liam Colotti says:

      Toxic Atom yeah lmao its April 2 that’s what got me too.

    • Brad Burrows says:

      No if you watched the actual full teaser of it its real there’s mothra ghidorah and everything

    • Czak Norris says:

      @The Profesionalist Those are alters of normal in-universe creatures. Godzilla still non-canon in MTG.

    • Lanlu Hylrean says:

      Everyone. this is a partnership. I looked it up. Toho actually went down to the wotc building just to promote ikaria. there are a special series of cards showing off godzilla monsters. to quote Megatron when explaining the cortical psychic patch: “What we see, is how it happened.”

    • Leo Yulis says:

      thatt “Wait” was the realization of release date of the video, wasnt it

  12. Igor Freitas says:

    Here’s a complete list of everything awesome about this trailer: 01 – Graphics

    • Michal Blaszczak says:

      can’t say the same about the music

    • Eu says:

      @Michal Blaszczak it’s not even just the music, it’s how lame Viv is. Why wouldn’t they make her action more dynamic?

      Walking slowly up, smirking, whistling, firing a couple arrows…it was all so boring and uninspired. She barely moved.

    • Benjamin Saunders says:

      @Eu when the beasty took a bite out of the bag and then turned the bug and held it’s head. I was thinking, sweet some teamwork! She will shoot it in the weak spot. But nah she just didn’t do anything.

  13. Jerome Daniels says:

    Wotc meeting:
    “Ok guys we need song for our new strong female lead, whats an empowering female song.”
    “Bad Reputation”
    ” amazing recommendation I assume there will be a neckbreak paced fight and it fits entirely with Vivian’s character?”
    “Well no….but”
    “You got the job!!!!”

    • Tempest and a Computer says:

      The music did not feel in sync at all with the trailer, it felt quite strange.

    • Tainya Gaming says:

      @Tempest and a Computer it felt even worse then the Edgy anime amvs that we’re badly synced to fight scenes

  14. GureiByakko says:

    Y’know, yeah, Vivian can have a little fun – her home plane’s been avenged, and maybe since she didn’t nix Bolas directly, she’s got a little steam to blow off, or is just finding a new groove.
    But a bad reputation? Unless WotC is turning her into a bloody game hunter who seeks out beasts no matter the repercussions to neighboring civilizations, I think she needs a different pop soundtrack. And, I guess while I’m criticizing, and yes I know, 3d modeling unique things is hard, but half the fun of the Arkbow is the menagerie of creatures it can summon. I highly doubt she’d just go, “Manticore! Manticore! Manticore!” like a bean bag throwing LARPer…

    • Salvador Toscano says:

      I’d say she’s pissed that she didn’t *personally* “kill” Bolas, so she might be trying to blow off steam because she’s pissed that her vengeance quest is “failed,” in her eyes. That’s the problem with a vendetta: what do you do after the object of your vengeance is dead? She might not know, and she’s going back to Ikoria to find out.

      But, seeing as Wizards wants Vivien as MTG’s Captain Marvel (MCU version), I doubt they’re going to make her appear to be distraught or anything less than *perfect* until she dies (IF they decide to finally, legitimately, *end of story, kill* any of their characters!)

    • Fate Clash says:

      Re:Arkbow, copying the Manticore repeatedly fits gameplay of copying your biggest, baddest creature repeatedly. I wouldn’t have minded variation tho.

    • Salvador Toscano says:

      @Fate Clash But the way the Arkbow works, at least in previous stories with Vivien, she needs one spirit per arrow to manifest it. Then, that spirit is spent. So that would mean she had to copy the manticore multiple times to perform what was shown in the trailer. Also, in the first story she was introduced in, she gained the regisaur’s (either a regisaur or a T-Rex) spirit before the creature died. That, coupled with how she lamented having to “waste” the skalla wurm’s spirit before she was captured implies the arkbow either can only hold one unique animal spirit and it can’t be copied multiple times, or it has a limited amount of space that is determined by the power of the creature being copied, resulting in only being able to hold a single spirit of, say, the skalla wurm.

    • Octavio Chagollan says:

      @Chryseos The Arkbow “captures” the essence of dying creatures, that’s probably what’s up here.

    • Riesenfriese says:

      Or you could understand the song choice in the way that she hasnt come to this world to save it and be a hero. Just there to collect some big bois.
      Or WotC just like the beat and we read too much into it.

  15. OOM- 32 says:

    Ah, yes, timmy land.
    As a fellow timmy i’m looking forward to this.

  16. Anbu Kyun says:

    This has a much more goofy and silly feel to it than the past couple set trailers(including Eldraine) which is odd to say considering this has giant monsters.

    • Brick the Houzzzze says:

      I think Vivien is just taking a holiday to monster world. For her it’s a great time.

    • The FlamingDraco says:

      @Flamethrower Candle ah yes because everything you don’t like has to be those “DaMn LiBeRaL sJw’S”

    • Dawson Knopp says:

      I think, they took a breaking making storyline for MTG and just fun with building this one since everyone is dealing with that bloody illness.

    • Game bros says:

      I think it supposed to be like that because this is a set themed around Kai ju that’s why the music kind of compliments the 1980s battle feel like Godzilla.

    • vinnythewebsurfer says:

      Ironic too. They could’ve made the Eldraine trailer gave sillier music for dramatic irony but instead they played it melodramatically straight.

      Garruk breaking into the room and allstar starts playing would’ve been much more appropriate than this video.

  17. Francesco Sacchi says:

    Magic the Gathering meets Guardians of the Galaxy

  18. Wolf- 115 says:

    I found this on a yt ad and saw godzilla at the end so I’m hooked now

  19. Noah M.G. says:

    Monsters on Ikoria: *Exists*

    Vivien with her Arkbow: It’s Free Real Estate

  20. The FlamingDraco says:

    I love how Vivian is given this cool and fun loving attitude, seems like something new and refreshing after all the serious Planeswalker stuff in War.

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