I’ll probably delete this soon…

I’ll probably delete this soon…

Hey some big things are happening soon. Lets talk about it while I look horrible and tired 🙂
OH AND Remember to http://VoteDeFranco.com 100x a day!

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19 Responses

  1. Ivan Ambriz says:


  2. I. Am. Bob. says:

    For mobile users only

    read more

  3. Matthew Alvarez says:

    My comment is gonna get deleted so Hillary is not corrupt

  4. dmdg7 says:

    First person to reply to this comment is gau

  5. Will Harter says:

    Fuck TYT, they’re basically the left wing version of Fox News. Their main
    personality is an Armenian genocide denier too

  6. Dorian Gay says:

    I’m so glad The Young Turks lost, and I’m so glad they lost to you, Phil,
    the antithesis of TYT’s shill politics.

  7. Janie Jones says:

    Phil, I think YouTube is out to destroy you. they will let me watch a
    shitty BuzzFeed video but as soon as I click on one of your vids , the
    screen freezes. Always. every one of your vids , every day this week. any
    one else experiencing this phenomenon ? or is it my own personal conspiracy
    theory ? or am I going insane ?

  8. derp ish says:

    This some asmr shit, putting me to sleep with that sxe voice phil lol

  9. Tři III van Wabawooo says:

    I clicked on this saying “Watch this not be deleted, but JUST in case…”

  10. David Dixon says:

    what does this guy do again?

  11. Tommy Tom says:

    Everybody fucking hates The young Turks.

  12. ECH! says:

    Sorry, Phil. I would vote, but it requires me to use… Facebook…. and I
    hate Facebook.

  13. EyeAmBatman says:

    oh wow TYT is still going lol, glad I unsubbed them years ago, they were so

  14. Emmanuel Vargas (Dyz69) says:

    hmmm…maybe i should look into getting an online job, im tired of customer
    service jobs which are sadly the better paid ones i can do, im trying to
    make 3d models, art and game making my passion job, but its just not
    working out…i have no clue how i could help but it did inspire me to
    maybe look out for more online job applications…but hey more importantly
    Congratulations Phil!

  15. Muteteli Harvey (Vampinista Extraordinaire) says:

    Cant lie. Voted for you twice. Try guys twice and young turks twice! Love
    ya. Good luck phil

  16. Drew Murray says:

    Fuck the young turks. Wouldn’t be upset to see them go bankrupt.

  17. MarylandLovely says:

    Tweeted and voting on the site.

  18. Sky Pelham says:

    Congratulations on the win. #beautifulbastard

  19. Ethan G says:

    Trying to vote a dozen times a day for ya.
    I think you’ve got this on lock phil!