im a lifeguard now.

im a lifeguard now.

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  1. CaseyNeistat says:

    check out the episode of WHAT THE FIT, it’s great –

    • Trucker Dave 215 says:


    • Grave says:

      Qr codes could be in the book that send you to videos that even relate to some of the moments in the studio.

    • Critic . _. says:

      CaseyNeistat damn Casey you got sexy abs

    • Shaun Yoong says:

      I feel you Casey, your studio is literally your home and your masterpiece! Years were spent into revamping that space and you’ve turned that old apartment upside down!! Leaving that studio must be a hardship for you, because home is where the ? is. However, after watching your videos for so long, I believe that you will definitely be able to work things out. Perhaps even have a brand new office! Who knows? Your brain is a unstoppable creative workshop haha. All the best Casey?

  2. Alex Sev says:

    The book should be interactive where your phone could scan the story and then a video relating to the picture plays on your phone

  3. WanderingSafa says:

    Wait does that mean no more Marlin???

  4. Vlogs Blogs says:

    Imagine If it was a open to the public museum lol that would be madd !

  5. Mauna Films says:

    Anyone else realize he hit 11 mill and 1000 videos ?????? I hope to get to that point someday!

  6. Thad Thorne Film Co. says:

    You should turn your studio into a museum haha

  7. Carolina S Bertrán says:

    It had been a while since your camera fell down. BRAND OF THE HOUSE

  8. Jack K says:

    Casey: *finally makes video announcing he’s leaving NYC*
    Youtube title: “I became a lifeguard!!!”

  9. Ben Skinner says:

    You should 3d scan the place and embed videos around to create a high quality VR, new media experience!!

  10. Yoo Jin Kim김유진 변호사 says:

    *What do you NOT know how to do?*
    *Who do you NOT know?*
    *Are you ever NOT cool?*

  11. Blake Roberts says:

    1:54 Casey with the Supreme in 2007!

  12. Justin Eats says:

    Lookin pretty fit there Casey.

  13. Louis Foley says:


  14. HANandSOL says:

    I’ve been thinking that vids are the best ways to keep memories (stories).. but making a book is also great idea! Always, full of inspiration here ?

  15. James DeRuvo says:

    Why don’t you have your studio 3D scanned, so you can keep it alive online in VR.

  16. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Wait why do you have a book by Justin Beaver? LOL anyway yes please do one about your studio before you say goodbye to my state

  17. D1ER says:

    Turn the office into a museum.

  18. Tanner Adams says:

    Everyone is talking about adding QR codes to the book to go to unlisted videos and whatnot, but what if they were able to make it like those augmented reality books where occasionally you can pull out your phone and see the picture come to life. I think that it could be super cool.

    • jkurtzer says:

      Yeah that sounds sick af and maybe even a little casey nesitat can appear aand talk about the item ahah

  19. Chicken Fried Fishin' says:

    I left NYC in 2008, I miss it but, don’t think I could do it again. That’s a tough Goodbye. Great book idea!

  20. Raspberry Rock - Off Grid Cabin says:

    But Casey, what happens to 368 now?

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