I’m cheating

I’m cheating

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36 Responses

  1. JakeShuf says:

    She accidentally locked on with her aimbot, literally no reason to shoot the wall like that, such bs. Her reaction was her thinking, “Oh shit, everyone’s going to know I’m a hacker now” and then she tries to play it off.

    • A Meme says:

      @xmarieangel you deadass are laughing cuz you were caught 4K. It’s the most HD shit I’ve ever seen!

    • dog gamer says:

      @xmarieangel oh,so you mean you can’t hide your aimbot? Yeah,that doesn’t exist

    • Gyermo - says:

      @xmarieangel yes and apparently some cheaters who arents girls are oftenly caught live

    • MattHplays - says:

      @Dezi Lea people randomly shoot at the wall?

      lmao. According to her response the only reason she fired was “becuase I saw him”

      so we know she’s a lair.

    • Eater Of Food says:

      @MattHplays – yeah lol a simple “it was for a joke” would’ve worked

  2. Harry L says:

    There was literally no reason to shoot the wall other than if u could see through it🤷🏻‍♂️

    • EvanTheMouse 2 says:

      @Eren Akay i know one person who cheated in live

    • _Rifle_ says:

      @Eren Akay stop simping bro she ain’t gonna notice you

    • Miguel Synister Reyes says:

      @Eren Akay why is she only uploading the good ones? I have seen a bunch of YouTubers posting up their Ws & Ls not just their Ws

    • Faynee93 says:

      She took a shot at top tin through the wall…its a well known spot for people to go.

    • LeFleur. says:

      @Eren Akay people can cheat and use an overlay on stream to hide it, it’s very common and I remember seeing an r6 clip of someone getting caught doing this when he accidentally removed the overlay. Stop simping bro

  3. JP Mackintosh says:

    And this ladies and gentlemen is why people are leaving cod. Thank you.

  4. Pugg5ter says:

    The perfect video to represent why people are leaving cod. Blatant hackers getting no punishments whatsoever!

  5. Geno says:

    If ur gonna look at this correctly u wouldnt shoot that wall for no reason unless u exactly know where the player is either u go in a private match like some players do and practice these wallbangs which is very rare and judging by ur reaction and tracking when u scoped in on that wall so how much u disagree on hackusations u have to come out sooner or later

    • Fletcher Wells says:

      @Geno I find it very funny when people like that post clips of them cheating and try and act like they were lucky

    • A Meme says:

      @xmarieangel lol. It’s not. Lol

    • MattHplays - says:

      @xmarieangel wait. Make up your mind

      In one comment, you claim you only shot becuase “you saw him”
      And we know that’s a lie
      And now you’re claiming you only did it because its the most predictable spot, and as already pointed out wonderfully, is also wrong…

      What is it?
      Did you a: see him
      b: just randomly predict it
      c: another lame excuse you came up with
      or most likely, d: you used cheats.

    • Sonny Nook says:

      @MattHplays – lol so true and whenever a person brings up a point she just says “shudve watched the stream”

    • A Singular Kriegsman says:

      @MattHplays – she also claimed to hear him.

  6. foot 05 says:

    hacking just makes the game unfun for everyone 🙁

  7. colton hopkins says:

    her gasp was the reaction of “oh shit people now know im hacking”

    • PainTrane117 says:

      Yep! It wasn’t “funny and surprised”. It was fear and panic.

    • Mactrk says:

      Tbh I would believe it is she didn’t start walking towards the window and then shoot sometimes in older call of duties I would throw a grenade across the map in hopes it would kill someone and do random 360 no scopes lmao (I never hit anyone)

    • ZHYLO says:

      @Mactrk that’s not the same bro she walked and locked on, she didn’t know where he was or that he was there but just locked on, that’s not even luck

  8. Shen says:

    She radiates “I gaslight for fun” energy. Why lie about this when it’s so obvious?

  9. Mr Lucky says:

    *lucky suspect shot through wall* “I literally destroyed that kid” ok bud

  10. BasedLad69 says:

    A. Thats clear snap
    B. You can easily hide cheat windows while streaming. Every streaming site has the option to stream only particular window

    • Fletcher Wells says:

      there’s so many people who are like if she’s cheating why does she miss so many shots. it’s so shit like this doesn’t happen blatant hacks if you hit every shot people are 100% gonna know your a scummy cheater

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