I’m Getting a Tattoo Designed by YOU When We Hit 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS..

I’m Getting a Tattoo Designed by YOU When We Hit 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS..

Submit your designs on either Twitter or Instagram using #DanTDM20MilTattoo
AND SUBSCRIBE SO WE CAN HIT 20 MIL :: http://bit.ly/TxtGm8 !!!!!!

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66 Responses

  1. Eric Ong says:

    Almost 20milion I wait for it XD

  2. Gacha_ Bella says:

    I hope you hit 20 Mi subs! You are the best Youtuber! I’ll try and make one! 😍😀

  3. ProHapzop YT says:

    Play roblox

  4. Blade The Sceptile says:

    Who else is here from when his channel’s name used to be :-

  5. Moises Ramirez says:

    Keep up Dan

  6. leafeonZPL says:


  7. S GAMING says:

    It’s my sis’s bday today!❤️❤️
    Love her..she’s 6 today!

  8. Rhea Requitud says:

    Why u don’t play Roblox now DanTDM

  9. Naji Maarouf says:


  10. Dominator 530 says:

    dan.. i know im not on instagram or twitter but hear me out… wut if.. u got… a… JESUS PUG WITH WINGS HOLDING THE NUMBER 20!!! your mind was just blown…. *explosion… 😀

  11. Fun Love says:

    Ur the best channel ever

  12. Yasmeen says:


  13. Veezy Challenger says:

    A Fortnite birthday cake tattoo!!!

  14. gaming emerald says:

    20 million that’s insane!!!!!

  15. Melissa Clark says:

    Can wait for 20 million love u Dan u r awesome

  16. Fortnite Lover says:

    Fortnite cake on your bodyyyyyy

  17. Jolte_booy H says:

    Do a tattoo of pikachu pooping a diamond

  18. Parksy Bee says:

    But I’m a kid I don’t have Instagram or Twitter

  19. The Random Gamer says:

    DK dabs in The end of Mario kart if you complete all the 50 cc trophies Dan what shall we do

    • Big Belly Gamer says:

      Luigi hung himself so we cant do nothing about it not lieing in Luigis haunted mansion there is a shadow referencing that he hung himself. LOOK IT UP!

  20. DinomiteHQ 0811 says:

    See when you hit 20 mil can you get a tattoo of a number 20 but it’s shaped in diamonds

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