I’m Giving My Friend $1 For Every 1,000 Views On This Video

I’m Giving My Friend $1 For Every 1,000 Views On This Video

Make sure you watch this video a bunch!
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75 Responses

  1. MrBeast says:

    The winner (no spoilers haha) told me to tell you to watch this video a lot. He said he needs the money lol

  2. TheGizmoShow says:

    money: **exists**

    MrBeast: yep, *we can get rid of that*

  3. Ultimate Mr penguin says:

    Everyone: *plays games for entertainment

    Mr beast:

  4. Anthony is Jesus says:

    Take a shot every time he says dollars

  5. 1000 Subscribers with no videos says:

    Jimmy: “This is very serious”

    *Also Jimmy: Heres your Mannequin*

  6. Not a Rager2 says:

    Imagine coming back in a year and see the winner is a billionaire

  7. niamh mooney says:

    My dude just chilling in his hogwarts robes

  8. Jose Diaz says:

    “This is war tareq” nearly kills himself by lighting a Mario kart on fire

  9. daddy ryze says:

    david dobrik : heres a car
    mr beast : first to breathe wins $20,000

  10. SmiplePlays Mmts says:

    Mrbeast: stand in that circle

    The circle: ∆

  11. 1 Sub Before 2021? says:

    Everyone: *Social distancing*

    MrBeast: *Puts friends into circle*

  12. YES says:

    karl: picks grape for breakfast
    me: gRaPe ChOiCe

  13. M. Aslam says:

    Let us admire a fact that he is updating his thumbnails 24/7!!

  14. Yousef Elmaghraby says:

    i’m only here so i can boost the amount of money the winner gets.

  15. Kason Ervin says:

    teacher: doctors are the most high paid jobs and that is why peo-
    me: bet

  16. MnemonicSyntax says:

    “Chandler sat this one out.”
    So, any normal day then.

  17. Donsta-YT says:

    Claim your

    “I was here before this gets put in everyone’s recommended in 10 years ticket”

    Be safe, take care.

  18. Harsh Bhadu says:

    10 Years Later , That Guy Has Now Crossed Bill Gates in terms of Money

  19. A.G 27-X says:

    “I’m paying Tareq until the day he dies”
    Next day: “I killed Tareq”

  20. Camryn Smith says:

    EVERYONE: *stays six feet apart*

    Mr Beast: Were gonna stay as close as possible

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