So excited to tell u about my baby. hope u like it.

Vancouver, BC, Canada – 2/20 – http://bit.ly/1NK1Oc4
Washington, DC – 4/23 – http://tinyurl.com/zc78d92

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20 Responses

  1. Cameron Dungey says:

    Umm…Miranda sweetie…Netflix and Chill is for sinners…. ummm…..can
    someone call the child saftey department or something??

  2. WrongxMess msp says:

    It’s about time.

  3. Mangle The Gamer says:

    I seriously screamed OH MY GOD YYYAAAYY and congrats Miranda Sings

  4. Amber coats says:

    Miranda ur my queen

  5. Olivia Stoterau says:

    Wait. If Miranda’s pregnant with her show… Does that mean it’s coming out
    in 9 months?

  6. ItsJashley says:

    I hate the word panties

  7. Aiyana Land says:

    i wonder what will happen when Miranda does have a baby….XD

  8. Jackie Godoy says:

    Peeing Panties?

  9. StarFall Videos says:

    Don’t click Read more.

    You are a rebel, i like you

  10. Ashlynn White says:

    #Mirandaonnetflix I cant wait.

  11. Ellie Shafiypour says:

    Please subscribe to my channel

  12. Sophia Favell says:

    Excited is an understatement?❤️

  13. REAL Batmanhey says:

    Guys I’m a little confused I just got here from how to make a potato clock
    in a McDonald’s bathroom to this like wtf YouTube ?

  14. Dancing over me says:

    two word click bait

  15. Lee Lee says:

    this show is gonna suck lmaoooooo

  16. Rachel Gabell says:

    Is there a way to audition for the show?

  17. KreativeKill says:

    i knew she was pregnant! what I tell ya.

  18. J Armstrong says:

    Hahaha got eem!!! I thought she was for real ??

  19. cheryl henderson says:

    lol ? i had to like it.

  20. Noah Smith says: