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The video is about radio rebel

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72 Responses

  1. Lizzy McIntosh says:

    Questionable Disney channel movies:

    Geek charming
    Sharpay’s fabulous adventure
    Read it and weep
    Invisible sister
    16 wishes

    Do what you will with this list Danny

  2. morgan. says:

    I can’t believe tom keller was someone else’s stepdad before he moved to riverdale

  3. SuperBen says:

    Danny, you should watch the Kim Possible live action. I’ve heard terrible things about it.

  4. æsthetically madia! says:


  5. Rashmi Venkatarama says:

    I love how every teenager decided to wake up one day and bully Debby Ryan

  6. ProvideEnoughHam says:

    I went to Seattle public school and honestly this isn’t that inaccurate

  7. Maya Inal says:

    *Disney Movies Danny HAS to Do*
    Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior
    Teen Beach Movie
    Lemonade Mouth
    Princess Protection Program

    Seriously if he does all these my life will be fulfilled 🙂

  8. Stardust says:

    I’ve been talking about Debbie Ryan’s weird acting faces since life on deck and now everyone wants to make it a trend since I got over it.

  9. Khalilah Hawkins says:

    Isn’t this just a knock off of pump up the volume with Christian Slater ???

  10. Manny C says:

    Watch the knockoff of the Hunger Games: The Starving Games.

  11. C. Taylor B. says:

    Can we talk about how Tara’s stepdad is Kevin’s dad from Riverdale?

  12. Griassic says:

    for the LOVE OF GOD do a video about Starstruck. Disney movie that literally follows the “my friend dragged me to a Harry Styles concert and he liked me cuz I was DifFEreNt!!!1!” trope.

  13. Lunar Tenebris says:

    The dad in this movie also plays sheriff Keller from Riverdale.

  14. Claire Neblett says:

    If you’re wondering about the history of prom, the word is short for promenade, and it began in the 1800s at universities. The purpose was to promote manners and etiquette. They were also known as “coming out parties”, to “present the young adults to the world”.

  15. Dominic Ya says:

    “I can’t focus on the conversation they are happening” -Danny 2020

  16. Chisom Odoemene says:

    Gavin looks like a Kurtis-Danny hybrid

  17. Lise Magic says:

    Also her “voice modulator” doesn’t make her sound any different so her friends should totally have recognized her voice

  18. Yes Sir says:

    R we just gonna ignore how no one would have heard the “red bam bam bam bam” thing if it wasn’t for Danny 😂

  19. CHERRi says:

    *Other Disney movies suggestions to talk about:*
    ⚫ Lemonade Mouth
    ⚫ Teen Beach Movie
    ⚫ 16 Wishes
    ⚫ Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure
    ⚫ Enchanted
    ⚫ Camp Rock
    ⚫ Girls vs. Monster
    ⚫ Princess Protection Program
    ⚫ Zapped
    ⚫ Bad Hair Day
    ⚫ The Luck of the Irish
    ⚫ Frenemies
    ⚫ Stuck in the Suburbs
    ⚫ Sky High
    ⚫ Cloud 9
    If anyone sees this, make sure to leave a like so he sees this! Thx 😁

  20. FBI ❶ says:

    Radio rebels is the weirdest movie ever

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