I’m sorry Shia, I’m afraid I can’t do that

I’m sorry Shia, I’m afraid I can’t do that

Clips from 2001: A Space Odyssey and “Shia LaBeouf delivers the most intense motivational speech of all-time”

(If there are ads on this video it’s because of Warner Bros. not me)

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19 Responses

  1. plzBSirius says:

    This is my new favorite trend. These are hilarious.

  2. pyrobooby says:

    This has been my favourite so far! Can we chat, Dillon? I’m a YouTuber with
    over 800k subs and your comedic timing in editing this is awesome. email me
    — chao(.)outside(at)gmail(.)com

  3. ad ie says:

    +TamSharpx you are so right. The man is immense

  4. okrajoe says:

    Do it. Do it. Just do it. You must do it.

  5. Jakkstar says:

    Subscribe to me , I subscribe back with two other accounts. Just comment
    below and then I’ll subscribe.

  6. Gabe Reed says:

    The best use of Shia’s ultra inspirational rant. 

  7. Jester A says:


  8. Lothar Scholz says:

    And after this Shia the cannibal ate Dave and HAL9000.

  9. Team Lift says:

    Oh, my god! I’m dying!

  10. Reko Moreno says:

    Thanks for the laugh. Good Job.

  11. Jeffrey M. Reynolds says:

    Ok, this is going to be a fun ride… for a little while anyhow.

  12. kanth raj says:

    This is maa fav!!! Hahaha 

  13. Ariel Lezen says:


  14. hukes says:

    Not good and not funny at all.

  15. Chosen Two says:

    That pacing in the background at the beginning, though! Lol

  16. K4RN4GE911 says:

    This is ridiculously awesome, in every way, shape and form.

  17. kameron eichert says:

    This is my fav

  18. Mark Rivera (GenreOnline) says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:
    I liked this very much.