“I’m Tired Of People Talking SH*T.” Julian Newman Plays His BIGGEST Game Of The Year! Jaden’s FED UP

“I’m Tired Of People Talking SH*T.” Julian Newman Plays His BIGGEST Game Of The Year! Jaden’s FED UP

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Yo Julian and Jamie are NOT HAPPY after losing to LaMelo Ball and Spire. Julian might have outscored Melo, but the youngest Ball came out with the dub. Jaden’s just happy she got a flick with him ?

Julian and Downey gotta recover from that L and win their last game of the tourney. Right now they’re 3-1. Can they do it??

Don’t forget about Jaden’s team though. They have a game too, and they’ve been working hard in practice. Well, the players have at least. Jamie ducked out early, so Jaden had to coach her own team.

Later, Julian plays in his first playoff game. It’s win or go home, season over. Can Downey Christian pull off the upset??

Watch and find out!

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70 Responses

  1. TheRealNate says:

    No one:

    Julian Newman literally every episode:

    “Right off the bat my shots just weren’t falling”

  2. Tejon Brooks says:

    They dad built like the thumbs off spy kids??

  3. Demonte Giles says:

    Every time I watch them play they lose???‍♂️?

  4. Snowruto says:

    We started the game off strong Headass ? You gotta finish that hoe Strong thoe ??‍♀️

  5. Ed-_-DiE says:

    Sells one T-shirt
    “It’s been crazy!”

    • jaylen gittens says:


    • KING CHRIS says:


    • Andy C says:

      james kuhlman its all gonna come to an end after his senior year in high school when he gets zero offers to play for college. But then again i wouldnt be surprised if julian got held back for 2-3 more years being a senior for 3 years. Hes probably not gonna grow so im sure people will believe that hes a senior for that long. He’ll probably be a 25 year old senior in high school still trying to get that offer from a d4 school. I mean cmon, hes playing for the toughest conference in the country!

    • Tay & Mari Channel says:

      james kuhlman that make sense it’s a bad thing you advertise your own brand you must a young kid

    • JayJay Robles says:


  6. CJ CJ says:

    No one:
    Julian Dad: we lost but julian had 55??????

  7. romainempire 123 says:

    The dad: “Hand her the ball”
    Me: ” have you learned nothing”

  8. DJ says:

    “Melo can you wear some of that fire prodigy merch ”
    “Ion want it”

  9. Gabriel Tran says:

    Who would win in a game
    Like Bronny’s team
    Reply Downey

  10. King lord says:

    This is how many times Julian’s dads voice cracks….


  11. MadeInAfrica says:

    Not a single soul:
    Julian : *651 dribbles*

  12. RNG RANDO says:

    Every episode “We getting ready, it’s our big game” ends up losing like always ???

  13. Muhammad says:

    *Have they won a single game. TRASH. OT stop putting them on. And why Julian talking to his computer ???*

  14. Jamal says:

    Bro I deadass watch this for the cringe

  15. RickySamathVlogs says:

    This is how many people cringe when his dad yells

  16. Datren 51 says:

    They didn’t blur out the car tag??‍♂️??‍♂️

  17. sohum sapra says:

    “Ever since we put up our first pop up shop in Kentucky, it’s been crazy”….. there’s one person?

  18. jaaysaaucy says:

    julian’s dad is literally another mr. potato head with scoliosis!

    edit: after further review, he looks more like a vulture.

  19. Code Potato says:

    The dad: in this game you have to stay focused.


    How Da fuq they gonna focus when u be yellin like that

  20. XO_TOUR_Llif3_13 yt says:

    Well they keep losing because their father doesn’t run any plays in practice just scrimmages ??‍♂️

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