Important Update To The Article 13 Situation & Why The Internet Still Needs Your Help!

Important Update To The Article 13 Situation & Why The Internet Still Needs Your Help!

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103 Responses

  1. andalaria says:

    Awesome that you talk about EU stuff. Would love to see more on international news!

    • 30m3 says:

      He covers lots of international stories.

    • Matthew Hurley says:

      You must be new here. Phil fills us in on international news all the time.

    • Joe Bla says:

      If article 13 goes into effect it will have a massive negative effect on both consumers that live in the EU and content creators across all platforms. Its only natural that a channel like this would talk about this as they have a vested interest in the outcome. Tbh I’m surprised more content creators aren’t talking about it.

    • Florida Man says:

      Big decisions affect the entire world.

    • R T says:

      It’s a narrative issue. This could literally break parts of the internet for many millions of people, while Net Neutrality was supposed to have killed people according to some politicians and the press. Guess which one got more attention, and why. Anything involving the US is typically covered in hyperbolic fashion whether the coverage is in the US or not.

  2. Mohammad Kurniawan says:

    Wow I’m early for these “morning” videos

  3. SDSBBQ says:

    *It’s pretty massive… TWSS!*

  4. Pah Sodium says:

    *This video is blocked in your country*

  5. beetlepuss says:

    Philip Defranco? More like Philme up with news daddy

    • Donk! ;o says:

      labobo omg he made clothes that said please dont call me daddy lmao

    • labobo says:

      +Donk! ;o Of course he must say that publicly. Just like when you ask your dad if he likes younger women he will give you the automated answer “No, I love your mom” or just “No.” Because some real answers are not socially acceptable, yet done in the closet.
      Another example: Do you have butt sex with your wife? “Of course not who do you think I am, a pervert?!”.
      See what I mean? People have a public social face and a private closet face.
      You wouldnt post your sex face on facebook, now would you?

    • Her Name says:

      Dont use hilas face you dirtbag

    • Filthy Casual says:

      Philme up papi yasss!

    • Andromeda Delux says:

      I read that in Hilas voice…and it was creepy.

  6. Philip DeFranco says:

    Good morning! I’d think of something clever to say but it’s 4am and I just woke up so hello hi how are ya? 🙂

    • Ben Snyder says:

      Philip DeFranco Regarding art. 13 and it’s goal of fair copyright laws, what would you suggest as an alternative @sxephil?

    • Chris K says:

      Jeffree Star is this u?

    • isbey says:

      So, would Google have to pay a link tax for every link that comes up on Google search results? I don’t even think a giant like Google could afford that, or any other search engine. So in other words, there will be no more search engines and the internet will be pretty useless

    • The Memes of Destruction says:

      There 67 replies, we now have a greater than two thirds majority ^.^

    • HappyAgony says:

      woah you didnt say “and lets just jump right into it!” in the video, is everything ok Phil? should i send help??

  7. doomerator0G says:

    Honestly, if I was in Google’s position here, I would give the EU a mock shutdown for a day, cutting off all content and services that would be negatively impacted, just to show what Article 13 would really do. It would hurt Google’s bottom line temporarily, but it is better than the alternative.

  8. SlippedDisco says:

    A few weeks ago, I emailed my 8 MEPs about Article 11 and 13; urging them to vote against them or at least to reconsider their stance (the UK voted, like many EU states, more in favour with the previous vote). Three of them replied; 2 have reconsidered and would now vote against, and one is still undecided. There was some healthy debate.
    I implore my fellow European citizens to do the same! Reach out and contact your MEPs, by letter or by phone or email. Lobby, lobby, lobby! Don’t let yourselves go unheard!

    • SlippedDisco says:

      +620098756 It’s undecided right now. What I do know is that the UK has adopted EU policies before (see: the GDPR) as part of national law. To my knowledge, we will keep this policy even when we formally leave the EU. Who’s to say the same won’t happen with Articles 11 and 13? British MEPs did vote overwhelmingly in favour for it in the last vote.

    • Eric Taysom says:

      +laboboAnd this attitude is what fuels the problems. “I’ll just bash on politicians when I know nothing about them. No, I won’t try to talk to them. No, I won’t try to actually do anything. I just want to bitch and feel good about it.”

      Politicians generally respond pretty well to concerns from their constituents.

    • labobo says:

      +Eric Taysom Not in my experience. Sometimes no answer at all other times automatic email with just bullshit that says nothing at all.
      FYI: I do research the MEPs. Especially where they live. Cant send an automatic message if you talk to that person personally. They dare not ignore me then. First the usual excuses. Someone else manage the emails, must have been marked as spam, etc. Then I speak my mind. Make sure everything is understood then I thank the person for their time and leave.
      Nearly forgot: I also record them without their knowledge, of course, so I get real answers instead of political ones. That way they are accountable if they lie.

    • Deep_Convection says:

      It’s the only way you can save your internet

    • Paul Morris says:

      Email this video to them

  9. PressTube says:

    I was planning on contacting my MEP thru the website you provide in your video, but my country (Belgium) isn’t in the list. I really want to know who I should contact so I can send him/her my opinion about Article13…

    • A.J. Bensinger says:

      What’s your opinion

    • Desperadox23 says:

      I would never presume to teach sb with 138 years of education and an IQ of 17.

    • gorillawarfair says:

      +Janusha if you have to proclaim your years of education and iq# you might not be as intelligent as you think you are. Its kinda cringy tbh.

    • Camazotz 4444 says:

      +Janusha No, you don’t understand. If the law gets passed as is, there is potential for abuse (if you don’t see the potential, I don’t know what to say other than you either lied about how smart you are, or you’re smart but technologically illiterate). Because of this potential for abuse, large companies like YouTube will simply cut off access to their site in the EU. Even if the gov has no intention of abusing the laws or anything like that, companies aren’t going to be willing to risk the damages. They just won’t let people in the EU access their sites. Thus people in the EU will lose large sections of the internet like youtube, social media, new outlets….. You get that right? The gov may not purposefully be “coming for your internet” but that doesn’t mean this law won’t negatively affect your internet.

    • Janusha says:

      Anyone claiming high intelligence should know better than to go down to peoples level and battle their preconceived decisions and their beliefs. Its like trying to explain evolution to an american creationist. Not gonna happen, is it. Im just saying how it is and if you want to not take any of that in, then fine. I dont work for you. I dont really care if you want to be wrong. I just think its ridiculous that people are creating a huge crisis out of this.

      Its like Texas ranchers raving on about cattle mutilations, abductions, corn circles and aliens… While everybody that knows any bit about space knows that stuff is bullshit. Oh yeah… How can corn bend that way. How can you cut half a cows face off like that… Irrelevant, isnt it. I know enough about space to know aliens arent landing on ranches in Texas. End of story.

  10. carpe diem says:

    How is it, that when an unpopular bill is stopped through democratic means most comments on the topic are still bashing the EU? This version is not gonna go forward, and some still talk about riots in Europe or leaving the EU.

    • Billy Bob says:

      +whiteboy 111075

      What I’m talking about has little to do with the unstoppable posting of misinformation or the semi-frequent censoring the algorithm does to prevent advertisers from pulling out. I’m talking about what happens when users are no longer mainly responsible for any copyrighted content they post, but rather YouTube (a company that isn’t rich by the way. Evidence shows they’re roughly breaking even or even operating at a loss).

      I’m talking about the disastrous consequences forcing companies who can’t endlessly stop copyrighted content from being uploaded to endlessly stop copyrighted content from being uploaded.

      There is a reason the US has laws that make it so the people that post content are unrelated to the social media companies that give them the ability to post such content. Do you know how many tweets are posted every minute? How many hours of video is posted on YouTube every minute? It’s such a ridiculously large amount, it’s impossible to hire actual people to regulate all of it. Companies are not and shouldn’t be entirely responsible for the content other people post because they literally do not have the ability to be, and it ruins what the sites were even made for in the first place. YouTube doesn’t choose what they publish. They literally can’t.

      You know discord? They delete servers and users all the time for raiding, trolling, posting inappropriate or illegal content, and much more. By your logic, that makes them an editor, and therefore a publisher. Meaning they are literally responsible for everything posted on it. They should be responsible for every bit of misinformation and copyrighted content on there, according, again, to your very own logic. If I accidentally spread a bit of misinformation to someone in a private message on discord, discord is responsible.

    • HouseMDaddict says:

      Well people hate on America all the time for only a few people’s stupid actions/discussions so welcome to the club.

    • candlemaster the cunt says:

      +Janusha yes it will you absolute mongel! This will hit youtubers you use anything copyrighted no matter how transformative. It’ll turn the entire internet into youtube accept they can remove your content instead of get just its money

    • Ratman king of cringy says:

      +carpe diem basically they’re cronyism hired by democratic leaders.

    • Ratman king of cringy says:

      +whiteboy 111075 parts of Minnesota and Iowa was the same.

  11. Tomislav Hrgović says:

    In the words of an angry scotish mother of two: *DISGUSTING!!!*

  12. Slojanko says:

    Come on romania delay it until the next election so we can vote the MEP’s pushing this out of power.

  13. purplellama says:

    I think such a move would only increase piracy. If people can’t access their favorite creator’s videos the legal way, they’ll go the illegal way. Youtube might even turn a blind eye to this as they’re not making money in that environment anyway and piracy is a way to spread content without being liable.

    • Katie says:

      +labobo Tor is NOT safe, please don’t spread misinformation like this

    • labobo says:

      +Katie It would be constructive to mention how it is not safe when you say such thing. Can you do that?
      Afaik: It is safe if you use the recommended settings and keep Firefox up to date.
      Also Tor is not the only alternative.

    • Steeljaw XXI says:

      Well, I’d say you’re exactly right on this one. How do you go about “making” more “criminals”? By criminalizing a very innocent act. Prohibition brought bootleggers, war brought conscientious objectors, “perfect” neighborhoods “makes” slums and ghettos in comparison. By making certain Youtube content illegal to the public, the public will seek out that content through any means. Will the EU be helping itself in the long haul? In my opinion, no.

    • Kelly Schittenhelm says:

      True. I watch a lot of YouTube videos music, information, and science, I would be sad if I wasn’t able to watch some of these people

    • MrAznable says:

      The irony in that would be immense considering YouTube more or less started as a pirate site.

  14. Away With You Vile Beggar says:

    Bahahahahaahah! Article 13 and Article 11 are doomed if they’re in the hands of my country’s government. The Internet Is Safe Because Romanian Politicians Suck At Their Jobs xD

    • Tony C says:

      Fukai Kokoro orange mayne byad duuuuuuuur.

    • Oana Puha says:

      Auch! The burn! But it’s true.

    • DustyO'Rusty says:

      +NitrousFox OrAnGe MaN GoOd

    • Knight of Carrion says:

      Fukai Kokoro not everything need to come back to american politics. Like it or not, america is far from the worse politically.

    • Pomp Mag says:

      Understand how the EU process works. Romania’s role in this is to set up and manage the trilogue process where the Council and Parliament agree a text. This is done by civil servants not politicians. Also, if they don’t get agreement that is not the end of it, which country manages this process changes every 6 months and it is quite routine that when it is the job of a country with a smaller or less sophisticated civil service that a lot does not get done and then simply sits in the queue to be done when job has moved on to one of the big countries who have far more staff so can do the process with much higher bandwidth.

  15. smgofdvld says:

    Noo not my despacito videos??

    • Belnick6666 says:

      did not pewdiepie get copystriked for just playing the despacito song on his guitar ?

    • MaJuV says:

      Despacito is just an example. They might as well block every music video in Europe due to the fear of some unknown copyright infringement somewhere.

    • just stupid games says:

      ???? just wait till they figure out it most likely will hurt redtube too

    • Deep_Convection says:

      If this goes through Google would just ban Youtube from the EU. Youtube would be gone. They wouldn’t risk being sued for all their money just so you can watch and make videos.

  16. Lynda says:

    I’m Irish and living in France – that’s two EU member states – and I’ve hardly heard this discussed at all in Irish or French news ! So thank you for bringing it up! I will definitely be going on that website and researching the Irish MEP candidates before I vote

    • lizard ledgend says:

      Well, rte would never have news stories criticizing the EU. Not to mention no “mainstream” media outlet takes the internet seriously, especially in France.

    • Badarm says:

      Same in Britain. I’ve not seen anything newswise.

    • Deep_Convection says:

      That won’t be enough Lynda. If you haven’t heard about it you can be sure 90% of everyone else hasn’t heard about it either. You have to spread awareness of this or EU leaders will destroy your internet.

    • Vathek says:

      National papers generally don’t report on the EU much due to historic not-giving-a-shit on behalf of most people as to what is happening at an EU level. If you wanna follow this stuff, go to sites and sources with a more explicitly European or international focus like politico Europe, euronews or the economist.

    • Pluto : says:

      We saved you from a dictator just so the EU can silently enslave you all. Time to fight back, grab your guns and demand justice. Oh wait…. yall gave up your guns to them. Rip europe, you wont be missed.

  17. Moses Emmet says:

    Seems like article 13 isnt about money it’s about controlling the narrative… they don’t like all the real people going out there doing journalism… cant have people running around telling the TRUTH.

    • DustyO'Rusty says:

      +Janusha Our government has failed us.

    • carpe diem says:

      “doing journalism” is entailing linking your sources, one thing article 13 tried to regulate. For actual journalists the proposal would have changed very little. For headline factories on the other hand it could have indeed been pretty bleak . But I don’t see what would be so bad about that.

    • James Greene says:

      Moses Emmet Ha, the irony.

    • Pomp Mag says:

      I doubt this is about either money or controlling negate reporting. Underneath, for the politicians this is about nationality and national identities. Politicians from many countries are worried about their youth viewing too much content in English and produced from a US cultural perspective, for decades governments have poured money into national TV stations to make local content supporting local culture and language, but now people can view whatever content they want and the impact of that on the local culture and language genuinely scares many politicians, and the older generations who are far more likely to vote and thus are the ones which politicians pander to.

    • ΛutistiЄ says:

      Spot on. ?

  18. Melanie Murphy says:

    Thanks for covering this…the idea of my channel being taken away/being unable to watch many of my favourite channels terrifies me! This has been my job for five years, five of the best years of my life. It would be heartbreaking

    • K Dog says:

      Ahh I love your channel! This whole copyright situation is making the internet a difficult place to be a creator and a consumer. Keep up the good work!

    • The Emerald Tiger says:

      Keep up the good fight

    • Gav says:

      Melanie Murphy nice advertisement

    • Renovator says:

      Immigrate to the US.

    • Janusha says:

      Melanie Murphy
      Haha yeah the idea terrifies you and a bunch of others. But this is actually 100% a non-issue. This is a crisis that ISNT happening. A problem that DOESNT exist. People are creating a storm in a glass of water. With so many real, actual things to deal with in todays world pick any one of them. Climate changes, poverty, unemployment, housing, opiod epidemics… There are loads of real issues to deal with out there if we dont also fucking INVENT new ones. Which is what this imagined crisis is.

      Like you say.. The idea terrifies you. Which is why its such a big deal with people. But its like Texas housewifes buying guns because Trump said ISIS is coming across the Mexican border to take their FREEEEEDOM… Its bullshit. Go focus on reality instead.

  19. Taikamuna says:

    _You didn’t call me a bastard in the intro and I’m disappointed_

  20. NPT Music says:

    Bad actors … something that hasn’t even been considered – how easy it would be to sabotage a website seeing as they would be penalized and not the uploader . Great thinking Phil. Thanks for the video and highlighting this ridiculous situation.

    • Amir McCloud says:

      Not even bad Actors there are going to be people who aren’t conscious they are using something that is copywritten because he said things like grey area or unknown copy written claims which would cause any platform. Why is the EU doing this it will effectively remove them from the rest of the online world(no Reddit,Yotube, Twitter, etc).

    • GamerZakh says:

      It’s what really makes the law limiting and scary. Even unintentional bad actors. Imagine you record a birthday party on your phone and Game of Thrones is on in the background. You post that video on Twitter tagging your friends and now Twitter can be sued for hosting copyrighted content like the Game of Thrones intro song. The only safeguard is for Twitter to disable ALL uploading of media from users in the EU and ALL media globally will be blocked for EU residents on Twitter. Now imagine that for facebook, deviantart, tumblr, linkedin, behance, vimeo, reddit, imgur, soundcloud, and discord.

    • The Spanish Inquisition says:

      +Amir McCloud not even that, music company’s will literally just claim EVERY music video, he’ll, even if it is not theirs, there are plenty of companies in Europe who claim videos just to try to get revenue

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