In Case Peeling Oranges Is Too Hard For You…

In Case Peeling Oranges Is Too Hard For You…

In case peeling oranges is too hard for you, Whole Foods has the answer. They are selling pre peeled packaged oranges for $6. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Jimmy Dore hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

Would you buy a $6 peeled orange? Let us know in the comments below.

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“Natalie Gordon took a photo in her local brand of Wholefoods, and put it on Twitter. She wrote: “If only nature would find a way to cover these oranges so we didn’t need to waste so much plastic on them.” Her photo has now been retweeted more than 500,000 times, and attracted hundreds of comments.

An overwhelming majority were shocked at yet another example of over-packaging of convenience foods. One tweeted: “They’re selling oranges already peeled in a plastic container. I’m done with the world. DONE.” Another commented: “Seriously?? Pre-peeled oranges…. Anyone who doesn’t know how to peel an orange deserves to starve.” And another added: “Pre-peeled oranges are actually a thing?! Wow. Just. Wow…”

Wholefoods, the company that was selling the oranges, responded to the tweet saying the product had been withdrawn. It Tweeted: “Definitely our mistake. These have been pulled. We hear you, and we will leave them in their natural packaging: the peel.”


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20 Responses

  1. AnonEyeMouse says:

    So… whole foods not selling the whole food… and nobody caught that shit
    but me? Step up your shit, Internets.

  2. fireincarnation2 says:

    Would be so nice, for someone with arthritis or limited movement.

  3. Hobbes Tiger says:

    If you’re idiotic enough to actually buy a pre peeled orange, you might as
    well eat the plastic container instead.
    That orange is either terribly oxidized by the time you use it (the whole
    point of the peel is to protect it from the environment!) or more likely it
    is stuffed full of preservatives – talk about natural and healthy.

  4. Daniel B. says:

    best jimmy dore quote ever….. “we are already fucked anyway”

  5. Devin Vering says:

    What’s next? Is Wholefoods going to pre-buy your groceries for you?

  6. Rob Mason says:

    I wonder what kind of packaging Ana’s pre chopped onions come in? hypocrite
    bitch killing the planet cause she’s too lazy, if she had a real man
    instead of that camp whimp, he would do it for her

  7. naturalbaby says:

    Or just buy a orange somewhere else for
    .85 and peel it yourself. Or cut it with the peel and eat the inside. Or
    just dont eat oranges.

  8. GVDenny says:

    Wow Anna, you Love Whole Foods? Apparently you have no idea who the CEO is.
    You guys at TYT are pathetic with your Bernie this and Bernie that yet you
    support a company like Whole foods. Go look up “progressive” and tell me
    how Whole Foods fits that model.

  9. Izzy Batty says:

    Yeah, in Australia we have pre-cut apples that come in plastic wrapping.
    Its awful.

  10. Owain Llyr Parri says:

    Older people could struggle majorly with peeling an orange, so this really
    helps them, same with people who complain about cheese coming pre-grated!
    Sure, clearly over-priced, but it’s not a stupid idea

  11. Haliel says:

    hashtag murica

  12. Miruna Stroe says:

    I don’t blame them for selling, but if you buy this you’re retarded. They
    profit on ppls stupidity, that’s quite smart

  13. cary bary says:

    That’s not as bad as the pollution in turkey.Eh cenk? You american basher.

  14. Stephanie L says:

    Look up the #extremecivilisation tag on Twitter for more of this absurdly
    consumerist bullshit.

  15. Mike Goeken says:

    I hate apples but I do like to eat oranges like apples ! just wash then
    bite right in ! do not pill it ! just eat it all even the skin ! .yummmm

  16. semi_angry_troll says:

    Whole foods is a scam.

  17. fewwef weffefwf says:


  18. Carol Belle says:

    Everyone thinks chopping an onion is hard because of the gas it releases –
    don’t chop off the root. Gordon Ramsey – how to chop an onion. The man is a

  19. chasemebaby says:


  20. fatemeh setayesh says:

    6 dollars for a naked orange? come on :)))