In full: Queen’s grandchildren hold vigil around the monarch’s coffin

In full: Queen’s grandchildren hold vigil around the monarch’s coffin

The Queen’s eight grandchildren have held a vigil around the monarch’s coffin as she lies in state in Westminster Hall ahead of the state funeral on Monday.

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  1. Sparkle by Monica says:

    This is such tender respect for their grandmother, especially in the face of onlookers during a highly emotional and usually private time of grief for most of us. Sparkle on, Queen Elizabeth II! ✨

    • Diane Bromm says:

      Yes, it is private and or should be for them…I can’t imagine how they feel…hearing peoples feet clopping by and being stared at by them…though they are being respectful. I just think…this time with is with THEIR grandmother and should be out of public viewing for the time the grandchildren are there. It’s ajust my opinion and I know nothing about protocol

  2. Mary Hlad says:

    It’s wonderful to see Her Majesty’s grandchildren showing this final act of respect to her. It brings tears to my eyes.

  3. Cenk K. says:

    As someone from Austria it’s nice to see that she has so many visitors, maybe from all around the globe? My condolences for the whole country/empire & family. She fulfilled her speech from 1947. God bless her soul.

  4. Paul Thompson says:

    Seeing Will and Harry standing at both ends sends chills down my spine…these boys have literally been apart of our lives too since forever and to see them grown from BOYS to MEN is outstanding and their mother would be proud of them both…….

    Wonderful seeing the grandkids stand vigil and watch over their nanny…..


    • Miss Tery says:

      @retroguy94 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • retroguy94 says:

      @angela bluebird60 I still remember the controversy when it made the news on the telly when Harry was still in the military and there was that video of him making fun of her. Pretending he was talking to her on the telephone.

  5. FrancyB says:

    So touching to see her youngest grandson James, so dignified at only 14, and to see his mother watch on with such obvious emotion

  6. Sue W says:

    I’ve been watching all the touching ceremonies for the past week , but this one broke me. The Queen must be looking upon her grandchildren with so much love and pride. What a beautiful and dignified tribute to their Grannie.

  7. Barbara Hines says:

    As an American citizen I would like to say the queen’s eight grandchildren keeping vigil at their grandmother’s coffin is very touching. This scene has brought me to tears.

  8. Kandi Kane says:

    That was well done by the grandchildren. What an emotional and beautiful tribute to their grandmother. May the Queen RIP❤️💐🙏🏼

  9. George Lord says:

    God, this is impressive. The precision, the organisation; the love, the respect for Her Majesty; and the calm and patience of the British people.

  10. Annike Timmermans says:

    I have nothing but respect for her Majesty”s grandchildren. This must have been so hard, to feel such loss, yet keeping composed. People may sometimes feel envious of royal families’ wealth, but it’s not as easy it sometimes appears to be, especially since they are always under scrutiny and the public eye.

    • retroguy94 says:

      Yes, especially Harry. I mean, it takes some real balls for a man to do what he and his actress wifey did to that poor old grandmother of his and at the same time his grandfather was lying dead up in that castle too!

    • Strawberry Fields says:

      Not all…

    • John Mccann says:

      They have a tough 48 hrs ahead and it will play out in front of the world’s media unfortunately 🇬🇧🇬🇧

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