Incredible Leaf Mantis!

Incredible Leaf Mantis!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote finds a Leaf Mantis in the rainforests of Costa Rica!

There are over 2400 species of Mantis in the world but the Leaf Mantis is truly unique with its nearly flawless leaf-like camouflage. Also known as the Hooded Mantis, these insects mimic the rainforest leaves all the way down to their finer details, such as the asymmetrical yellow decay marks on their backs, and since the Coyote Pack has been asking for a Mantis episode for a while now we’re extremely happy to deliver such an impressive example of this curious little creature!

Get ready to get up close with the Leaf Mantis!

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20 Responses

  1. EliteGuineaPig says:

    Coyote Peterson can you do a guinea pig episode?

  2. Landon Keesey says:


  3. Chi_Bot says:

    sugar gliders? would be cool to see them

  4. Legit Kitties says:

    He’s like “Their so alien like,Look at that face!” ?

  5. Richard Brown says:

    “Is there something on my face” ?

  6. OJ MASTER 311 says:

    Do a hornet sting video

  7. Mad Gaming says:

    Coyote can you make another channel where you catch insects and arachnid?

  8. Cuvier Dwarf Caiman says:

    Next object you should catch a cuvier dwarf caiman

  9. cherie denholm says:

    Coyote I’m going to Puerto Rico in a couple of weeks, what should I look
    out for?

  10. Infernious says:

    can you do a komodo dragon episode

  11. Matthew Griffiths says:

    and you go to New Zealand and find a kiwi

  12. MisteMiner says:

    But why are they so religious?

    Ba Dum Tish!

  13. J5rox says:

    Your channel has been growing rapidly since the leaf cutter video which has
    over 5 mil views

  14. Vinu Cherayil says:

    Get bitten by a bullet ant next time please

  15. Channel Not Found says:

    I want one ?

  16. [AOD]Deadshot says:

    My Orchid Mantis says hi : )

  17. LordGamer 3.0 says:

    do Trump next, he seems very wild lmao

  18. Rashard says:

    I saw a Praying Mantis at my school

  19. Faith Frost / Jackie Branch says:

    Can you find a chameleon?

  20. Jorge Rivera says:

    Do you like Costa Rica more than anywhere you’ve gone if so why Coyote