Incubus – Absolution Calling (Lyric Video)

Incubus – Absolution Calling (Lyric Video)

Incubus – Absolution Calling (Lyric Video)

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20 Responses

  1. megazota says:

    In love <3 meee encaaantó!!!! está hermosaaaa

  2. MattRz says:


  3. Alice Riobueno says:

    Wonderful song, as the geometrical figures, time to remember…

  4. J.L.Lopez says:

    I’m feeling a bit rocky this weekend. More so after listening to +
    IncubusVEVO​’s latest song ‘Absolution Calling’.
    What do you think?

    Me siento un poco rockero este fin de semana. Más desde que escuché la
    última canción de #Incubus ‘Absolution Calling’.
    ¿Qué te parece?

    #Rock #TGIF #Music

  5. Itamar Junior says:

    Awesome song!!

  6. Kanker says:

    awesome track. sounds like a james bond ost too. the tune just made me feel
    james bond-ish

  7. Faizal othman says:

    Yuna bring me here! <3

  8. Virginia Fernandez says:

    IDK whats wrong with people who says crap about this song. Is diferent yes
    but IS REALLY GOOD!!!

  9. Hildemar Antoyma says:

    Sounds Good… pretty cool actually

  10. Ronnie Harrison says:

    2:54 Starts a sound i miss and actually brought a smile to my face. Thank
    you guys for this one.

  11. Victor Mora says:

    Que som foda!

  12. Liao Ryan says:

    Can’t wait !

  13. Bullet Holes says:

    The album will be great 😉
    Listen to our songs and subscribe to the channel guys if you want :)

  14. dinamopublicidad dinamo says:


  15. Henry Cull says:

    Its not amazing, but its not bad either. All the hate is misplaced and all
    the love is undeserved. It’s the ‘single’ so deliberately designed to be
    more digestible for the radio. Keep an open mind people…stop expecting
    Science, the golden years are over and it sucks, but lets not get carried
    away and start rimming their arseholes either. 6.5/10 track, but could grow
    on me. Truth Fall sounds pretty good too!

  16. sergiej slavinski says:

    At 0:28, when Brandon sings “an intangible impression,” it sounds like the
    beginning of this phrase is slightly cut; as if an extremely small part the
    vocal section is trimmed, giving the impression that there is an editing
    mistake. Does anyone else hear what I hear? 

  17. Renee Webb says:

    Very calm. Still Incubus I know though. They go back and forth in music
    styles. Song calms me like Aqueous Transmissions does with the melody and
    soft singing. Great job guys. C:

  18. Sebastián Barrantes says:

    This is cool!!! 

  19. Jason Walters says:

    Usually I’m one of those people oh it’s crap because I’ll be honest at
    first I hated it! Now I can’t stop listening to the damn song!!! They just
    better not tease me and and have with just one song with this sound! “If
    not now, When” was notorious for that!

  20. Yolanda Hernandez says:

    Take a look at this video on YouTube: