After months of planning we finally figured out how to fill my house with a mixture of hollywood snow and real snow from outside. I wanted to give my kids a morning they would never forget:) Thanks so much for the love, the shares and the support. Smile More
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20 Responses

  1. Corgi Derp says:

    Everyone go subscribe to john on youtube. joncormanyvlogs

  2. CarterColeVlogs says:

    Love all of your videos

  3. That Dude says:

    u kids make roman LOTS OF MONEY

  4. Ashy Ahuja says:


  5. Another 1 says:

    this is trending SMILE MORE #ROMANSOILDERS

  6. Ormmek says:

    Fuck you Roman. Get a real job. Okay?

  7. Sanar yaldo says:

    Anyone else come here from Romans vlog?

  8. Itz Panda says:

    almost already has 2million viewa

  9. Austin Stambersky says:

    loved it

  10. NoOffense says:

    can’t wait to see movie trailer

  11. muriel chittick says:

    That looks like fun!!!!

  12. ITS VOLTAGE says:

    the movie trailer is coming out

  13. Zach YT says:

    Every child’s dream

  14. Thomas Wojo says:

    Where’s the trailer

  15. Malav Barot says:

    I wish my dad pranked me like this

  16. Digital_Gamer says:

    He said on instgram there should be a trailer for the movie! WHERE!??!?!

  17. Ben Dover says:

    What a stupid idea

  18. TrustHearts says:


  19. Oscar Valles says:

    TeeqHD | Karel_1 I mean u don’t gotta be rich to do something like this

  20. ElliePlaysXOX says:

    My dad wouldn’t be happy if I did this too his house lol?