Inside FaZe Rug’s Closet! **HUGE GIVEAWAY**

Inside FaZe Rug’s Closet! **HUGE GIVEAWAY**

I give you guys an inside look of my shoe collection, clothes, and accessories + how much it’s all worth. Also, there’s a huge giveaway at the end so stick around 🙂 This has been requested for years now!

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If you’re reading this that means you noticed I changed the last line of my description and I STILL LOVE YOU 🙂

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25 Responses

  1. FaZe Rug says:

    This has been requested a LOT! Subscribe to get me to 15 million subs plz and good luck on the giveaway 🙂

  2. Angelina Garcia says:


    why: well i only have 1 pair of shoes, we aren’t the best with money but i don’t want them for me. i want them for my brother. his shoes are ripped up and not in good condition. i wanna surprise him and see his reaction, make him happy.

    IG: jbryac
    snap: bedevil.v

  3. JardanPlayz says:

    “Drippy” Why?- I basically have to wear my old nike slides everyday, which is fine Im thankful for them but it would be awesome if I could get a new pair. Thank you. Instagram. Jordan_thoen.

  4. Prabhdeep Dhaliwal says:

    Why: I can’t afford shoes and my sister really wants a pair of designer shoes for her birthday. Also loves ur videos and has been watching for a long time and has only 2 pairs of shoes, vans and some old adidas runners. Hope I’m one of the 11!🙏🏼🤞🏼

    Ig: prabhdeep_d

  5. Ashley chimborazo says:


    Why: my dad can’t afford things like shoes because there expensive
    Ig: @ash.5_

  6. Gil Arellano says:

    why: It’s always fun seeing people win, and like most of us here, we haven’t won anything the years we’ve been doing giveaways. I don’t have many shoes, and it’d be nice for a change. Thanks!
    IG: giilbb

  7. Gavin Miller says:

    “Drippy” Why: Because I only have a couple pair of shoes and they’re really used and beat up. Sc: gavinmillerrrr

  8. Extratic Pulse says:

    “DRIPPY” Why: because I wear the same pair of shoes everyday. They are ripped and are worn out a lot. IG: extratic_pulse

  9. Rolando Pascual says:

    WHY: had the same 2 pair of shoes since middle school…

  10. Brian Rodgers says:

    “Drippy” Why: I want to be blessed by winning a giveaway. I’ve never won one before and would love to have the opportunity to get a hype pair of shoes. Good luck to everybody. IG: Brianjrodgers

  11. Hannah cabral says:

    “Reason my shoes are getting old and my mom just got laid off because of corona so it would be nice to give her a nice pair since she wears my shoes”
    Ig: _hannahcabral

  12. Shana Parientee says:

    Why: I wear the same shoes every day and can’t afford new ones and I’ve watched you ever sense you started and it will be so amazing if I get new ones . There are so many people that will probably get it , but I’m trying anyway 🥺. I doubt this but if I do get the shoes I will Write your name on it so I will always remember and keep it with me my whole life .
    Snapchat: Shana Parientee , you will see lots of them there my old ones if you see underneath my name it will say *chuckyshana* that’s the one I’m using now . 🤞fingers crossed 🤞.

  13. Drippy says:

    Why: because wearing the same shoes for the whole school year I would really love some shoes because I am really into shoes but I can’t always afford it.
    But congrats to everyone who win🥇🥇
    Ig Ian_deese

  14. Eetu Ellonen says:


    Why: my family cant afford any expensive clothes.

    My ig: eetuellonen

  15. AmandaPlaysFortnite 1 says:

    ”Drippy” Why: I am really intrested of shoes and the shoes im using now is just some old pair of Puma shoes that i bought 2018 but its problably people that deservs it more than me but i hope i have a chance to win,my Instagram is leoonscd, Good luck everyone🥰🥾

  16. Ry Chappie says:

    why: im just really into shoes and i like that type of stuff. insta: __ryanchapman

  17. Julian Garner says:


    Why: Ya boi just lost his job because of COVID and had to leave college. I was hoping to cop some shoes with my next paycheck but looks like that can’t happen anymore lol. It would mean a lot to me and bring some happiness to my life rn, honestly doesn’t even matter what shoes. My ig:jules.garner

  18. Sam Willner says:

    Why: Because your one of the most popular youtubers and since you’re famous everything you possess or possessed is valuable, which would mean a lot to me

  19. Shoxwave says:

    Why: I only have one pair of shoes that I wear everywhere so it would be nice to have a pair of shoes in better condition.
    Ig: Ching_chongtheasian

  20. Kyler Hinton says:

    “Drippy” Why: I have two pairs of shoes and they are vans and nmd’s

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