Inside India’s COVID Hell

Inside India’s COVID Hell

India’s crematoriums and hospitals can’t keep up with a second wave of Covid-19 patients. Priests are working 24 hour days to perform last rites, people are buying medicine off the black market, and hospitals are running out of oxygen as India faces around 400,000 new cases, and more than 3,000 deaths a day.

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46 Responses

  1. thomas kok says:

    I had been seeing Jitender Singh all over the news and media, this guy is a hero, a real mvp. He deserved more.

    • thomas kok says:

      @GBP ppl like you is one of the reason India is in her current state. Ppl like you are the reason why that genocide maniac still in power. This isn’t about politics now, is about saving lives.

    • thomas kok says:


    • Azmat Jutt says:

      @Yes but actually No gandi nali k gande kire ki gandi zuban

    • mohjj wisdoe says:

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    • Rev Krish says:

      He is mentally strong to do that. Most people don’t have that much mental strength. even the doctors are crying looking at the number of people passing away.

  2. Jaydeep Sen says:

    I just lost my Uncle yesterday. My parents recovered last week. I’m in isolation and Covid positive. The entire medical infrastructure has collapsed. I don’t know whether I will survive or not. I feel like hugging and kissing my politicians right now for holding rallies for the elections.

  3. ravi yadav says:

    I lost my 29 year old friend today. He was a public servant, a government employee and the same government didn’t find him worthy of a number in covid death list.

  4. Meta Human says:

    Praying for you my brothers in India🇮🇳 from Philippines🇵🇭 🙏

    • Brain Train says:

      Thanks 🙏🙏🙏🙏
      Lots of love for you people praying for us… ❤❤❤❤from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

    • Dwij Gurram says:

      Apparently corona hell has 50% less cases than light-bearer USA

  5. TheGreatUnknown says:

    These people are heroes. Imagine risking your life to fatigue, dehydration, and hunger to take care of the dead. Respect.

    • harshit singh says:

      Respect for them..🇮🇳
      Some risks are bravery others are foolish sentiment driven tactically harmful.
      Warriors, kindly understand the difference.Others, don’t praise dangerous practices.

    • Dante Kania says:

      It’s also not just to take care of the dead… the amount of bodies can easily cause disease to spread unrelated to covid. It’s super important for them to get rid of the bodies

    • Souvik Beats says:

      @Alex Castro Wtf dude. For ages, India has been raging with the monetary discrimination the middle and upper classes are facing. The “lower caste” people are reserved free seats in all government colleges n institutes and are prioritised to be awarded government jobs. Hence, almost all the government job holders and the rich are from the lower castes whereas the upper classes rely on their family wealth and do small jobs and the middle class people have no option to be geniuses to earn a govt job and a living or they spend their lives with a meagre income.

    • K S says:

      @Alex Castro they have plenty of options. Infact due to reservations in education and jobs they have better chances than some of us who don’t fall into the required criteria

  6. Veryciccio1 says:

    Love and prayers to India from Australia. May these times pass 😥

  7. Matt Thomas says:

    Please don’t blame doctors or nurses blame the government. After election and Kumbh Mela we should have known this would happen. India was not ready only time will heal. 🙏🏽

  8. Etna says:

    Indian PM: the first time i’ve seen a crowd so big
    Covid: Helloouuu.

  9. thedarknightme says:

    This is sad news especially in this Holy month of Ramadan. We, your brothers and sisters from the Philippines, are praying for India. 🇵🇭 🇮🇳

    • MobsterJi says:

      @Oscar Torres a month where the muslims fast and come closer to Allah swt (god) the one who made us

    • dreamer says:

      @Dwij Gurram The next thing you’re gonna say is that death toll in US is far worse as compared to India but before you do that, stop and think about your people that you’ve lost, you don’t know them but they’re still yours. Does it matter how many more or less died?

    • m k says:

      Lol it has nothing to do with Ramadan. It’s not a bad thing.

    • Ahaan Mohan says:

      @dreamer I wouldn’t bother trying to convince the likes of him. Lives don’t matter to someone who thinks the pandemic is a game where you aren’t losing as long as someone is behind you.

      Also thank you for your wishes, OP!

    • I will have burger. says:

      Philippines 🇵🇭 is praying for india’s recovery 🙏😢

  10. MichaelKB8-24 says:

    As a Nigerian, it hurts so much to see my Indian brothers and sisters suffer like this. My heart sank when i heard that that man had not changed in 5days. The sad part is that these heroes on the front line won’t get any recognition when this is over. My heart is with India right now 🙏🏾❤

    • Jon Snow says:

      The only way to stop this is to have a complete lockdown . But a country of India’s size can’t afford it because if they did put the lockdown the economy will collapse.

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